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The Black Moon

Today we celebrate the "black moon," which is the second new moon of the month. It is also the new moon during the time of the Lion's Gate, which makes it even more special.

My teacher Little Grandmother says "black represents the beginning, emptiness, a time of meditation, and shutting off the mind. From this place of emptiness, all can begin and all can be given." To me, it also represents the darkness and spaciousness of our womb, where all can begin and be given.

The new moon traditionally was the time women would enter the Red Tent to bleed, go inward, be silent, empty, and restore. It's so important to honor this time even now, especially now, as women and to allow our womb wisdom, the collective wisdom of all women before us, to speak to us. Even if you no longer have a physical womb, the energetic womb remains.

I encourage all women to take a few moments out at some point today to simply place your hands over your womb space and say "thank you, I love you." Spend a moment re-connecting to your sacred energetic space of creative birthing.

I visualize all women remembering their intrinsic connection to the Mother Moon, our guiding force and best friend. I visualize and pray for the day all women hold themselves as sacred beings who embody the Divine Feminine energy.

Jai Maa!

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