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Spirited Soul Songs to Awaken the Self



"The first time I heard Bonnie sing, her heart, strength, and depth moved me to tears and moved my soul.  She has a way of being fearlessly passionate about beholding others in a tender way that resonates the strength in her voice.  Highly recommended as a songstress, space holder, and simply as a being.  She truly embodies the Divine Mother." 

Dominique Zuniga, international musician, voice coach, and model

"Bonnie is a unique character from ancient times opening her deep strong voice as a vessel for the ancestors to come through.  Taking you on a journey through time and space she will help you let go and shine bright your true essence." 

Jane Kruss, international vocal teacher, songstress, and musician

"One of the seeds of the grand 'curandera'.  She has beautifully committed herself to the path of helping us remember who we are.  Some of the most powerful medicine music and feminine spirit I have ever felt.  She was a powerhouse at our festival and filled many roles including the role of emcee, and she had over 100 people on their feet dancing when she led kirtan.  She has been a regular song leader at our fire circles at Green Gallery and performed at Indigogo.  She is highly respected in our community." 

Michal Ora Dahan, owner of Green Gallery and founder of One Tribe Festival

"Bonnie is a powerful space holder and she creates her own unique atmosphere and has an incredible voice.  She is our first choice for co-creation and we had some unforgettable events with her as a cacao ceremony facilitator and medicine song circle leader.  She was a core-center and focus of three very successful Pachamama Spirit festivals. Bonnie has a magical touch and her own original music which is Divine!  She is a draw and once people discover her, they will follow her everywhere!" 

Nir Shraiber, founder of KULAM Project and Pachamama Spirit Festival

"A woman of medicine and the energy of living with nature first, the realization of the wild free woman. Bonnie is at the right hand of the Curandero and is a wonderful facilitator and guide at ceremonies. She gives very careful and powerful healing sessions, working on several levels, working on the physical body blocks and helping to break your inner state and heal it. And also Bonnie is an amazing singer, her singing is divine! My association with Bonnie is a free white wind, a stork above the Earth on a sunny day."

- Ksenia Ryabenko, healer, Russia

"Bonnie melted my heart the first time I heard her songs and her voice.  She became my first choice to close my ecstatic dance sets.  She captivates people with her energy and her original songs and her harmonium which resonates so deeply.  I also love when she layers in vocal sounds over my music.  You can see how she elevates the energy in the space and how the people respond to her voice.  She brings people into the dimension of the pure love and helps people flow into their hearts. I highly recommend her for everything!" 

DJ Ayavi (Anchalee)

"I can't resist playing with Bonnie, even when I'm tired, she will lift me to new heights.  I have had the pleasure of drumming for Bonnie in kirtan and medicine ceremonies.  She comes and shares her wisdom and knowledge with all of my YTT students and they love her!  She is someone everyone always asks about and then they will follow her to all her other events.  Bonnie has something unique and special that sets her apart from every singer I have known." 

Yaron Cohen, musician and founder of Nirodha Yoga Teacher Training

"Her voice sends me into another dimension."  Davide D'Agostino, shamanic sound healer and musician

I met Bonnie in Tiru, many years ago, and I saw that she was getting into the kirtan scene! So I took my chance to invite her! Beautiful and very special way of singing to the divine mother! She knows..." - Jaya Deva, One Mantra Festival, Chanting for Shakti

"She is the embodiment of Love.  When I heard hear sing, it changed me forever.  Her songs speak to my heart from her ancient wisdom and I have learned so much from listening to her."  Matt Mazdak, international model and gym owner

"I love Bonnie's unique voice that has the gentle power full of potential and mystery.  She generously opens space for others to fuse their voices along with the waves of sound vibration she creates.  After the first time I heard her music and song, I wanted to learn to sing from her!  So grateful for the music she offers to the world!"  Areeradh, founder of the Yoga Tree, Chiang Mai and Dance Mandala school



"Full power" is what I've heard a lot when it comes to my kirtans (call and response chanting in Sanskrit). I began the study of Sanskrit and mantra at Ananda Ashram in NY in 2012. In 2016, I began holding full moon kirtans at Sukha Yoga Studio and began supporting other artists such as Saul David Raye, Devadas, Kalakar, Jens Jarvie, Zach Leary, MahaShakti, Akari Tamura, the Kirtaniyas, and Bhagavan Das with response vocals and percussion. I have supported many artists on the main stage at Bhakti Fest and performed at One Tribe Festival, WOW festival, Pachamama Festival, and Agape Festival and I have held kirtans all over the world including Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Thailand, Bali, India, Nepal, and the United States. In spring 2019, I led the chanting portion of Shakti Spirit Teacher Training with Monika Nataraj. I have played with a full band including a violinist and cello player for hundreds of participants, and I have held a powerful space for 100 or more participants with just my voice and harmonium. In 2020, I performed in an online festival with Nina Rao and Krishna Das and most recently at Ecstatic Forest Festival and Medicine for the People in Austin, TX. The devotional practice of sankirtana as a limb of Bhakti Yoga is something I am constantly studying and developing. I am fortunate to be surrounded and supported by some of the best kirtan artists in the world and have learned a great deal from them.  Sanskrit is a vibrational language that invokes and awakens aspects of Divinity when we sing the Divine Names.  I hope to sing them soon with you. Haribol!!!



The most shamanic thing we can do is sing and dance.  I began my journey with the Amazonian plant medicines in 2012 and in addition to assisting/apprenticing with shamans, in the the last few years I have also held space as a singer and musician in countless medicine ceremonies in South America, Southeast Asia, and the US.  This is where I feel I truly came into my full power and opened my voice.  I have been told many times that I am a "channel" for the plant medicines and that people feel the spirit of the medicine very strongly when I sing.  Songs I have learned from the Shipibo, Yawanawa, and Huni Kuin as well as my own original medicine songs and tribal chants are often included in song circles and I also know many popular Spanish medicine songs. I have led song circles for small groups as well as large groups of 150 to 300 people and have held fundraising song circles for the tribes of the medicine chest of our world, the Amazon. I have offered medicine song circles at Pachamama Spirit Festival in Koh Phagnan, Pachabuela Spirit Gathering in Ometepe, Nicaragua, and Live Ecstatic Transformative Journeys in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Inspiring others to find their own medicine within, through the voice, continues to be a passion and a mission.



I have had the pleasure of collaborating with amazing musicians and DJs in Ecstatic Dance as an opener and a closer.  While in Thailand and Central America, I collaborated with musicians for live ecstatic dance journeys as well as layering tribal vocals and mantra into DJ sets.  Also serving as an emcee, as I recently did for One Tribe Festival, I have an amazing way of dropping participants deeply into the space of the heart and then moving them hypnotically into dance.   I have supported DJs such as Ayavi (Anchalee), Esta Polyesta, Dakini, Kimba Jade, Danny Saggers as L.O.V.E., Lotus Imane, SunShay, Sandesh Poin (Psymbiosis), Declin Ji, Tikki Masala, and more.  Most recently, I closed a Sunset Cacao Dance with Mose in Lake Atitlan and supported Mose in several events at the Pachabeula Spirit Gathering.  I also supported Kula Collective and Mose on their silent retreat as part of Kulam Project and collaborated in trance dance and ecstatic dance.  I toured with Kulam Project throughout Central America where we wove our live instruments and voices into DJ sets, assisted Trance Dance with Gaia Ma at Cosmic Convergence, jammed with the ecstatic kirtan group the Kirtaniyas, and also led our own shamanic trance dances and EPIC live improvised 10-hour ecstatic dance journeys. You can see me on this video here:  My original songs are the perfect sound healing for closing ecstatic dances as my voice and harmonium have the power to melt hearts and I can also elevate a DJ set to the next level with powerful tribal vocals and etheric sounds.



This is next level healing for the body and soul.  Opening the throat center and stepping into our truth and our voice is vital to stepping into our full power.  In my voice activation workshops, I utilize the Sanskrit alphabet, the Q'ero Medicine Wheel, sacred shapes with foundations in belly dancing, pelvic and hip openers, toning, and other fun modalities to get people moving energy through their bodies and voice.  I have found that combining pelvic openers and other movement is a fast-track way to get people to open their voice.  I have been offering workshops around the world with titles such as "Journey into Sound through Sanskrit", "Discover the Healing Power of Your Own Voice", and "Your Voice is Medicine." These workshops have been so well received and have provided profound transformation for participants. I also enjoy collaborating with DJs and getting people chanting and singing while dancing ecstatically, which can take any dance journey to the next level. I have witnessed powerful healing through Embodied Voice Activation, and as a nurse and therapist, I believe there is nothing more powerfully healing than the sound of your own voice.

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