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The Circle

Life is a series of circles and cycles.

Eight years ago, on this day, I was twirling in my gopi skirt in Vrindavan. Seven years ago, on this day, I was spiraling with Pachamama in Peru. Six years ago, I was doing parikrama around Arunachala in India. Five years ago, I was circumambulating temples in Nepal.

Four years ago, I was swirling in the abyss of depression and grief. Three years ago, I was wheeling around doing van life. Two years ago, I was whirling into love and preparing to re-evolve in Egypt. Last year, I was orbiting through the cosmic bhav, chanting for Maa.

Every point on the circle is a completion and a beginning. And with every cycle, I am more centered in the space of my heart and in gratitude for all of it.

It no longer feels like I'm spinning my wheels. Even when I'm spiraling, I can find the center point. Every moment feels like it has purpose and meaning. Even when I'm just practicing the art of doing nothing.

Such is the grace of doing the deep work.... of really committing myself to the sadhana... of learning to ask for help... and knowing that I'll never "know" it all.

Life is a circle. The perfect reabsorbs the perfect. Finding the zero point, the divine spark in the center of all things... that's the magic.

That's the Re-turning.

Jai Maa.

Originally posted on IG/FB on 10/27/21

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