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My Story

My journey of healing began in 2012, after an extended dark night of the soul and spiritual break-through, when I left my marriage, my business, my job, and my home to begin the search for happiness, purpose, and meaning. My search took me to India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, and South and Central America.

Throughout the last several years, I have studied at the feet of many enlightened masters. I was initiated into a Shakta Tantra lineage, where I learned about sacred ritual and embodiment of the Goddess. While apprenticing with shamans and medicine practitioners, I learned how to heal with master plant and animal medicines. I learned shamanic practices as well as how to hold space in medicine ceremony and run medicine retreats. I attained a 500-hour yoga teacher certification in Nepal with Dr. Chintamani Gautam, began assisting his teacher trainings in Nepal, and also developed my own Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training program. I became attuned to Reiki, trained with a Tibetan singing bowl master, went to Thai Massage school in Thailand, and even became a singer and musician and have shared musical offerings all over the world!

I have studied with many masters of tantra, mainly in the United States, India, Nepal, and Southeast Asia. As one who is passionate about pelvic health, I have taken many courses on yoni egg therapy, pelvic floor health, and womb healing. In 2019, I completed an intense Goddess Embodiment and Women's Circles teacher training with international tantra teacher Monika Nataraj and was initiated as a Priestess of the Earth and Sky. I had the honor of leading the chanting portion of this training. 

In the fall of 2019, I attended a priestess pilgrimage to all of the sacred sites in Egypt with Monika Nataraj and Amma Sophia Rose and tapped even more deeply into the Divine Mother energy, the star beings, and sacred geometry, as well as receiving more training in the priestess arts and sound healing. I returned to Egypt in 2023 to deepen my relationship with this sacred land and with Thoth, Sekhmet, and Mother/Sister Isis.

I was a regular guest as a "medicine woman" on the Center of the Universe radio show and have been a guest on podcasts and YouTube channels. I also am asked regularly to speak at women's circles, online training programs, and sacred medicine workshops. 

My 20-years of nursing in acute settings such as cardiothoracic surgery, emergency medicine, and trauma ICU, as well as six years in cardiac rehabilitation continue to inform me and I still maintain my nursing license. As my attention turned toward true healing, along with indigenous ways for healing, I have also continued my education through Western-based trainings that focus on trauma resolution, somatic therapy, and psychedelic-assisted therapy.

As I have learned to heal myself, I also have learned what is missing and needed for real healing and began to develop my own intuitive way of helping others heal. What you will experience is a result of everything I have learned. 

What makes my practice so unique is my ability to hold you in a space of non-judgment, unconditional love, and complete presence. I have a relationship with the Divine Mother, Pachamama, who I call on to flow through me so I can transmit healing love and light to you. My deeply intuitive healing nature enables me to feel into the spaces where you need to be held, and I will teach you methods on how to meet me there, which is absolutely necessary if you want to heal on a deeper level. As we are continually cycling with the moon and governed by this energy, I will also help you return to the remembrance that our optimal health will return when we remember to spend time in union with Mother Nature, Father Sky, and Grandmother Moon.

I have experienced much trauma in my life - sexual assault, physical trauma, the death of my beloved partner, miscarriage, divorce - and I have experienced shame, guilt, grief, darkness, depression, addiction, anxiety, and worry.  I am so grateful for all of these experiences, as they showed me the root causes for dis-ease - physical illness, unhealthy relationships, emotional imbalances. All are a result of the illusion of separateness and a profound disconnection to our own divine Source nature.

I feel now that I have been able to heal some very deep wounds - ancestral wounds, wounds of my childhood, wounds that were embedded in my DNA. My introduction to quantum healing enabled me to clear old patterns and rewire. I have experienced a massive shift and am happy to say that I have found what I was seeking- a deep love for my own Being. I have fallen deeply in love with my Self. I feel a clarity and lightness and I feel  balanced and whole.

I want you to experience this freedom!

I can provide you with the tools you need to navigate through darkness by becoming your own light, to experience the fullness of your divine human-ness, and to call upon your own Inner Healer to access the wisdom needed to heal yourself.

Allow me to hold you in unconditional love and help you learn how to stand in your power as a sovereign intuitive being. 

Some credentials, life-changers, etc: 

1997 B.S. in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, completed all pre-med requirements, Florida State University.  1997 For many years I worked as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor

1998 Began the study of herbalism and plant medicines

1999 Adjunct Instructor at Broward Community College

1999 Began the study of Yoga with enlightened master Mark Roberts and began teaching Yoga.

2003  B.S. in Nursing, Florida State University, and began career as critical care RN in critical care

2010  Began M.S. in Nursing 

2010 Attained CCRN - A certification in the specialty of critical care nursing

2011 Introduction to and study of neo-tantra and traditional tantra

2012 Attained TNCC - certified as a trauma nurse

2012 Enlightened master Neem Karoli Baba (also the guru of Ram Dass) appeared to me and became my "spiritual father"

2012 Work/study at Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY. Immersion into Sanskrit, mantra, meditation, bhakti yoga, and Hinduism.

2012 Began working with Amazonian plant medicines on a regular basis, first plant diet

2012  Kirtan College with David Newman

2013 14-month pilgrimage (first of many) to Southeast Asia, India, and Nepal where I studied with enlightened masters from many traditions

2013  300 -hour YTT completed with Dr. Chintamani Gautam in Nepal

2013  Attuned to Reiki 1 and 2, Nepal

2013 Tibetan Sound Bowl Healing training, Nepal

2013 Stage seva (devotional service) with my "spiritual mother" Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Ma) on four-week South Indian Tour

2013 Thai Yoga Massage Certification, Chiang Mai, Thailand (at TMC)

2013 Completed two 10-day Vipassana courses in India (S.N. Goenke)

2013  Further study of tantric healing arts, immersion - India

2014 Shaktipat initiation with enlightened guru Anandi Ma (Maha Kundalini lineage)

2014 First (of many) Pilgrimage to Sacred Valley, Peru

2014 Began regularly attending retreats and joining in satsang with Ram Dass and many other enlightened teachers such as Jack Kornfield and Roshi Joan Halifax

2014  Bhakti Immersion with Sean Johnson, New Orleans

2015  Certified Laughter Yoga Certification at UCSF

2014-2016 I lived with my partner and helped care for his two girls, one who was quadriplegic, non-verbal, and blind.  He passed away in 2016.  My journey with grief and loss began.

2016-2018  Bhakti Yoga Director for Sukha Studios, Modesto, CA

2016  Began leading full moon kirtan and numerous tantra and yoga workshops

2016 Began supporting multiple musicians on stage at Bhakti Fest and Shakti Fest

2016  Began the study of pelvic floor issues, first with Leslie Howard

2016 Completed 500-hour YTT with Dr. Chintamani Gautam, Nepal, and began teaching YTT programs

2016  Initiated into Shakta Tantra (Sri Vidya lineage)

2016 Pilgrimage to Kathmandu Valley in Nepal with world-renowned tantra teacher Laura Ammazone to study and embody the Matrikas and Navadurgas during Navaratri

2017 Sanskrit and Tantric Yoga course with world-renowned mystic Russill Paul

2017 Developed my own Yoga Alliance certified YTT program

2017 Began assisting and apprenticing with shamans, curanderas, and practitioners with roots in the Amazon

2017  Voice lessons with world renowned Sufi Qawwali leader, Tahir Qawwal, of Fanna Fi Allah 

2018 Began apprenticeship with Ayahuasca facilitation and continuing with various plant diets

2018 Assited/Co-led three shamanic medicine immersion retreats in Koh Phagnan and Peru

2018 Developed and offered "Yoga of Food" shamanic medicine retreat in Peru

2018 Began practicing plant medicine integration work with clients

2018  Sanskrit course with Ramana Wade Erickson

2019 Continuing apprenticeship with sacred medicines, Thailand

2019  Multiple courses with tantric, shamanic, and trauma release practioners, Koh Phagnan

2018 Emcee for One Tribe Festival, Koh Phagnan, and supported All-Star Kirtan, Medicine Song Circle, and Water Blessing

2019 Led medicine song circles for three Pachamama Festivals, numerous musical appearances at ecstatic dance and kirtan, participated in WOW festival, Agape Festival, and more on Koh Phagnan

2019 Led numerous Cacao Ceremonies, kirtan, and medicine song circles for festivals and ecstatic dance, Koh Phagnan and Bali

2019 Goddess Embodiment Teacher Training..."Shakti Spirit"...including yoni egg therapy, priestess rites and rituals, women's circles, and women's empowerment, with Monika Nataraj, Koh Phagnan

2019  Initiated as a Priestess of the Earth and Sky

2019  Enrolled in two training programs:  Soul Realignment with Andrea Hess and Spontaneous Transformation with Jennifer McLean

2019 Began studying Sound and Kundalini with Simrit Kaur

2019  Priestess of the Moon initiation with Achintya Devi

2019 Priestess Pilgrimage to Egypt for deep immersion into sound healing, the priestess arts, recoding, upcoding, and recalibrating with Amma Sophia Rose and Monika Nataraj

2019  Began offering women's groups and Embodied Voice Activation workshops

2019-2020  Toured with Kulam Project in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and Ometepe, Nicaragua, leading live ecstatic dance journeys, trance dance, embodied voice activation workshops, yoga classes, and cacao ceremony. Led yoga classes with Mose and silent retreat with Mose. 

2020 Assisted Tantric Awakening Retreat with Caroline Carrington, Sarasa Tantra

2020  Multi-Dimensional Journeying with author, Sia-Lanu Estrella

2020  Yoni Egg course with Hilary Kimball

2020 Plant Medicine Mystery School with shaman Kat Courtney

2020 9-month Shamanism course with Q'ero elder, Ray Crist, Jaguar Path - initiated as a Pampamasayoc Shaman into the Q'ero lineage by Don Francisco, Q'ero elder

2020  Authoring my first book, The Place Beyond the Story

2020 Ancestral Medicine Course with Dr. Daniel Foor

2020 Collective Trauma Summit with Thomas Hubl

2020 Conscious Dreaming with Alberto Villoldo, PhD

2020 Andean Shamanic Rituals with Puma Fredy Quispe Songona

2020 Continuing study of entheogen integration with many renowned people in the field as well as my own personal study

2021 The Shaman's Way of Healing with Alberto Villoldo, PhD

2021 The Plant Spirit Summit - Five day conference on Entheogens

2021 Kambo Practitioner Training - Tulum, Mexico - initiated into the Matses tradition through Rainforest Healing Center (now CKPI)

2021 Apprenticing with my medicine teacher, a true master of all sacred medicines, in Mexico

2021 Advanced Kambo Practitioner Training, Rainforest Healing Center,  Peru 

2021 Co-facilitated an Ascension Retreat in Mt. Shasta

2021 Shamanic Journeying course with Alberto Villoldo, PhD

2021 Co-facilitated an Ascension Retreat in Austin, TX

2021 Facilitated opening ceremony, voice workshop, kirtan - Medicine for the People Spiritual Gathering

2021 Plant Medicine Mystery School, Level 2, with shaman Kat Courtney

2022 Apprenticing with my medicine teacher in Mexico

2022 Facilitated opening ceremony, voice workshop, kirtan - MFTP

2022 Voice workshop, Ecstatic Forest Festival

2022 Trauma Super Conference

2022 Co-facilitated two 10-day sacred medicine retreats, Bacalar, Mexico

2022 Anxiety Super Conference

2022 Plant Medicine Mystery School Level 3

2022 Biology of Trauma - 3 day conference

2022 - Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy 7 day Global Summit

2022 Continuing with my shamanic training in Peru

2023 - Kirtan and workshop presenter - MFTP and Ecstatic Forest Festival

2023 Facilitated multiple sacred medicine retreats 

2023 Continuing training with my teacher in Mexico

2023 Trauma-informed bufo facilitation and trauma-informed psilocybin facilitation courses with Atira Tan

2023 Psychedelic conference with Beth Weinstein

2023 Psychedelic-assisted therapy - 7 day Global Summit

2023 - Continuing my training with my teachers in Costa Rica and Peru

2023 - Facilitated multiple healing retreats in the USA and Mexico

2024 - Navigating CPTSD in Plant Medicine Facilitation with Atira Tan

2024 - The Biology of Trauma - 5 day Global Summit

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