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I began my journey with cacao in the volcanic jungle of Nicaragua, learning to harvest and prepare the cacao beans as a medicinal elixir.  From the high jungle of Peru, to Bali and to Thailand, I have trained with many maestras and priestesses in the art of cacao preparation and  ceremony.  A little bit of heat, a little bit of spice, and a lot of Love in the form of song and prayers are what I mainly like to infuse with this sacred bean.



Cacao is the elixir of the gods and goddesses. It has been used as medicine for thousands of years and is believed by the Mayans to be a way to ignite Divine wisdom and love within.  Cacao contains the bliss molecule anandamide which is derived from the Sanskrit word "ananda," the highest state of being. This molecule helps us to remember our natural state of Divinity, which is joy and bliss.  Cacao also contains theobromine, which has positive effects on the cardiovascular system.  There have been a multitude of studies on the science of raw cacao as a superfood.  I source the highest quality of ceremonial grade raw cacao paste and seek out heirloom varieties which are fermented with traditional methods. This ensures a pure experience and will help create the highest vibration for ceremony.



I have served cacao all over the world in private sessions with one to two participants as well as public events with more than 100 participants.  Guided cacao ceremonies are tiered to the venue, the group, and the event. I have used laughter yoga, medicine songs, shamanic prayers, tantric exercises, Sanskrit mantra, the harmonium, breath work, and more to invoke the desired mood for ceremony.  Cacao ceremony is ideal for kirtan, ecstatic dance, song circles, and any ceremonial event in which opening the heart and embodying the highest vibration of your Self is desired. Cacao can help fuel a dance journey and it can also serve in tantric rituals, romantic interludes, meditation, and prayer to deepen your experience.  Thanks to my expansive background, I can work with you to design a cacao blessing that is unique to your special needs.



Creating an altar is essential in any cacao ceremony.  Honoring the elements, the four directions, animal spirits, and the land are very important to me when preparing an altar.  I prefer to use local "ingredients" that come from the area where ceremony takes place.  Flowers, plants, crystals, shells, rocks, and other found items may find their way to the altar.  I may use oracle decks, musical instruments, feathers, candles, and tapestries to create the desired mood and effect for our sacred prayer.  Creating sacred space is an art and is something I have been doing in one form or another, as a party/event planner, restaurant owner, kirtan wallah, yoga teacher, and workshop leader for over twenty years.  It brings me great joy to work with you to create your desired atmosphere. 



I am a big fan of working with others! Here I am with Pablo Gascon, founder of Yoga Beats, leading a guided movement after the invocation. I have collaborated with DJs, yoga teachers, musicians, shamans, sound healers, kirtan wallahs, and festival and event coordinators to create an unforgettable experience. I have led events that brought participants to tears, fully opening their hearts so they can see through the eyes of pure love and dance to their heart's song. If you want to dive deep, I'm standing on the platform, my hand is holding yours...let's plunge into ecstatic bliss with Madre Cacao as our ally, gateway, and guide.



As a Priestess of the Earth and Sky, I work alchemically with the elements.  The fire in the sun infuses into every cacao bean to activate our electric bodies and illuminate our Divinity.  The fluidity in the water from the rain helps us to activate our own Divine nectar and slip and slide into bliss.  The bitter earthy taste collides with the water molecules in our saliva, activating the bliss molecules and turning to sweetness.  We harness the wind and breath of the trees and the Spirit of Madre Cacao through our own breath.  Jai Maa!



A deep bow to this magic medicine, which helps me to sing my heart's song and to remember the Goddess within. It awakens the earth in my body, the water in my blood, the air in my breath, and the fire in my spirit. Infinite gratitude for this inner tuning, this deep healing, this profound opening. Viva Medicina!
Haux, Amen, and  Aho!

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