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We are now remembering that sacred sexuality is an ancient path to enlightenment. If we want to be truly vital beings, it is vital we reconnect deeply to our sacral center. As we make space by letting go of unhealthy patterns and lower densities often stored here, we open up to greater pleasure, and when we learn to experience pleasure from an empowered and expansive place, we learn to move from a powerful place within our being... a place much more powerful than the mind. An incredibly profound shift occurs when we learn how to see and explore this vital creative center of our being.

Sexual health is recognized in the mainstream medical profession as vitally important, yet I find most medical professionals have very little training in this area and many themselves are not in tune with their sexuality. It's time for all women to remember how to access womb wisdom. It's time for us all to remember our sexual center has it's own voice... it's own consciousness. It's time for everyone to find coherence and synchronicity between their minds and their sex organs. It's time to learn how to listen to our bodies.

It is so important to listen, to ensure the voices of our sacral center, body, heart, and mind are congruent. It's vitally important to establish a healthy relationship with our sexuality and sensuality. This relationship is cultivated over our entire lifetime and is constantly evolving. When we learn how to have a healthy relationship with our sexuality and sensuality and with pleasure, we catapult into a whole new way of being, finding a deeper source of empowerment.  This empowerment does not come from the mind, but through a deeper awakening and relationship with our sacred sexuality.

We are finding once again, as many did thousands of years ago, that through sexuality, we can find enlightenment... divine union.

Along the way, most of us experience some form of sexual trauma. This could be in the form of shame, guilt, or abuse. We may hold deep trauma through our ancestral lineage, this life, or past lives. We may feel a disconnection or be uncomfortable with our sexuality.

Sexual imbalance results from an "overactive" or "underactive" energy center, which in turn leads to sexual dysfunction, or at the very least, a limiting sexual experience. I will teach you various modalities to bring this center back into balance.

If you have issues surrounding your sexuality... if talking about sex makes you uncomfortable, if you refer to your sacred sex organs as "down there," if you have an unhealthy relationship with your sexual energy, if you have pelvic issues such as ED, PE, urinary incontinence, or ovarian pain... if you have difficulty feeling pleasure or have ever been told you are rigid, frigid, or inflexible, I can help you. If you are a woman who would like to connect more deeply to your menstrual cycle and with your womb wisdom, or the awareness of the moon and how we are influenced by the moon cycle, I can help you. If you have issues with pornography or sex addiction or perhaps are overly eager to please others, if you have experienced sexual trauma, or if you are just really confused about sexuality, please read below! 

No matter what your story, if you would like to learn more about how to take your sexuality to the next level, into the sacred, into the space of the heart and higher dimensions, I can help you find optimal sexual health and the path to wholeness and divine union.



What does this even mean?  Most of us are so out of touch with our sexuality, or have such an unhealthy relationship or disconnection with it, that this idea can even bring up fear or even physical discomfort. It's time to transcend this and elevate yourself.

Reclaiming our sexuality means coming back into a healthy, positive, well-balanced relationship with our sexual energy, our sex organs, and our bodies. Your sexuality is sacred, God-given, and helps you access your highest potential and power as a divine creative being. Most of us were never taught how to harness, cultivate, and sublimate our sexual energy. Sublimation is about bringing sexual energy up into the space of the heart and into the crown, where it becomes a spiritual experience and opens us up to our divinity. Most of us have been wired to either repress this energy or release it as quickly as possible. 

In the comprehensive wellness system called the Tao, sexual energy, or "jing chi", is viewed as the most powerful energy source that we have. Some of you might refer to it as "mojo". It arises from our sacral chakra (energy center) which is the seat of our creativity, vitality, and fluidity. When you reclaim your sexuality, you learn to be fluid and adaptable. You learn to have a vibrant balanced relationship with yourself as a creative sexual being. You learn to re-write your own story as to what sexuality means to you. You re-wire the distortions that society, magazines, the internet, and religion have implanted into our psyche. You find deeper freedom and vitality.



Many things including sexual abuse, body shaming, surgeries, negative views about sexuality, social conditioning, and more can lead to an imbalance in our sacral (pelvic) center. Distortions of sexuality are also passed down to us ancestrally through our DNA. An imbalance in this energy center will manifest in the physical body and in our relationships.  How this manifests is different from person to person, but intimacy issues, fear surrounding sexuality, and dis-ease in the pelvic area are common. I will help you clear shame, trauma, and self-doubt surrounding your sexuality so you can function at an optimal level and fully enjoy being in your body. 

I will help you learn how to breathe into your "jing chi", or vital force energy, and expand it so you can nourish your whole body and bring your sacral center back into balance. When we start to bring our breath, presence, and awareness to our pelvic area, we begin to experience a profound shift. I will help you target areas in your physical body, such as incorrect posture, sitting or walking with a "tucked" tail, and other mis-alignments that contribute to issues such as stress or urge incontinence, ED, PE, prostate issues, womb pain, painful menstruation, and infertility. When we learn to clear and make space, we can then invite in pleasure and joy.



How long has it been since you opened up a conversation with your yoni or lingam? These are the Sanskrit words for the feminine and masculine, respectively, sacral (sacred) centers, and they are holistic words that refer to our entire sexual region -the physical, energetic, and spiritual. They remind us that our sacred sexual energy has it's own voice, its own conciousness, and that the sacral center is the house of our creative power and vital life force energy, known in the Tao as "chi" and in tantra as "ojas." You might just know it as "mojo." The sacral center is also the house of deep ancestral wisdom, known by women as "womb wisdom." Sadly, most of us were never taught to have a healthy interactive relationship with our genitals or sexual energy, which leads to a decrease in vitality and the storing of shame and trauma. This unhealthy disconnection to our sacred sexual energy also cuts us off from the deep wisdom that resides here. The work that we do together will help you to re-establish that beautiful connection to your own creative power center so you can learn to ask your body what it needs and so you can tap into the deep wisdom that lies within. When we start to listen, we begin to truly heal.



Pelvic liberation refers to freeing the pelvic floor muscles and joints and when we do this, we can also free ourselves from trauma and emotional imbalances surrounding our sexuality. Many of us have 'overtight' or 'weakened' pelvic floor muscles. Sometimes, we can have one side that is tight while the other side is weak. This, along with tight hip joints, leads to a myriad of lower back and pelvic floor issues, such as chronic pain, stress or urge incontinence, ED or PE, womb pain, pain during sex, and infertility.

Pelvic liberation frees us up to start moving through life again with sensuality and joy. The pelvis is especially intertwined with freeing the throat center, which is where we will start our work. I use a variety of techniques to help you find balance again in your sacral area. Sometimes it is with range of motion exercises, thai massage techniques, very gentle touch, and possibly even passive yoga postures. I will assess your lifestyle, posture, and other areas that may be contributing to pelvic issues and I will give you tools to take with you to help you to continue to free your pelvis. 

The sacred lingam and yoni are also a part of the pelvis.  The medical profession is now (finally) recognizing the benefits of internal therapeutic touch, and some physical therapists are now specializing in pelvic floor therapy, which involves internal and external manipulation of the pelvic floor muscles. Methods such as yoni mapping are also being recognized as ways to help women overcome numbness and pain in the vaginal area. Sacred massage in tantra is used to help men and women release trauma and shame and open themselves up to greater pleasure. Prostate massage for men serves to maintain a healthy prostate, ground sexual energy, and prevent issues such as BPH and prostate cancer. I work solely with women in hands-on pelvic liberation work, however, all are welcome into the space of healing, and all are welcome in learning to channel and direct energy for your greatest purpose and highest good. 

I will teach you specific breath, vocal, visualization, and movement practices to re-connect to your sacral center and to open up the channel to your heart, your voice, and your higher self. You will find that deep healing and transformation takes place simply with focused attention and pure awareness. You are the alchemist, I just help tap you into that space.  My goal is to empower you to recognize unhealthy patterns and transmute them on your own with the tools you learn in session.

Profound distance healing sessions are available and often are even more powerful than in-person sessions. 

I invite you to also see the links to FAQs, Testimonials, and my blog page.

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