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The entheogens are here to help us remember who we truly are. They give us the key to unlock the inner wisdom that guides our own unique healing process. They reveal our shadows and traumas that lead to dis-ease, physical or mental illness, and addiction, They help us release suppressed emotions, eliminate limiting beliefs, and rewire our thought processes. Entheogens will illuminate us from within and help us discover the highest vibration of our Self so we can experience beauty, presence, and joy.

If you are interested in receiving my expert advice on what entheogens might be right for you, you must schedule a consultation with me. A doctor would not prescribe a medication without a proper assessment of the patient. Be wary of any practitioner who will serve you medicine without a proper evaluation! I do not give free phone consultations for this service. 



The Children of Light

We have a vast array of mushroom friends showing up to help us heal. Magic mushrooms contain the ingredient psilocybin, which enables us to go deeper within our own being to discover our true authentic Self. They are known as the "saint children" or "children of the light" and help us connect to our magical child as well as our own divinity. They also work on the physical body and help us to rewire the nervous system. Microdosing is very popular now and can be very effective, often used to wean off of antidepressants. Ceremonial and therapeutic use (vs. recreational use) with larger doses is also gaining in popularity. There are many strains of magic mushrooms, so having a guide who knows which strain is best for you and can help guide your intention is optimal. I can serve as a guide to help you decide if mushrooms are right for you and help you find safe and legal ways to work with this medicine.



The Vine of the Soul

Ayahuasca is often known as the "vine of the soul" or the "vine of the dead." This is because ayahuasca is so powerful in helping us to shed ego-identities that keep us from our true Self. This sacred medicine can often be gentle and can also be ruthless in helping us to uncover traumas and shadows. This is why a safe sacred container and proper integration is imperative. There are many types of ayahuasca being served today via various lineages, shamans, and western practitioners. Some are serving the more masculine brew known as "yage." Some use fire and indigenous songs while others use western songs in various settings. It is important to understand there are many unsafe ceremonies and "shamans" serving this medicine who do not have proper training. This can result in creating more trauma. I have experienced and co-facilitated countless ceremonies in the Amazon and prefer the Peruvian way of the Shipibo and Mestizo. I also love ceremonies and songs from the Huni Kuin and Yawanawa. My deep love and connection for Mother Aya is always guiding me and I am happy to serve as a guide as you decide what type of safe and legal ceremony might be best for you. Proper integration and preparation is of extreme importance with ayahausca and I can serve as a guide through this process as well.



The Toad of Dawn

Bufo, also known as "sapito," is one of the most powerful entheogens available to us today. This medicine is harvested from the toad that inhabits the Sonoran Desert. Bufo contains 5-meO-DMT, known as the "God molecule," and can serve as a rocket ship to Source energy. Bufo will also show us our shadows and our traumas and relay important messages about our healing and spiritual journey. There are many "bufo practitioners" today and some attain a "certification" over a 5 day period that requires no other shamanic training or experience with entheogens. I see many people in my practice who take on more trauma after receiving medicine from unhealthy or inadequately trained practitioners. Many people are offering group ceremonies these days and I find them to be suboptimal in their power and sometimes dangerous. It is always best to find a server who will be with you from start to finish and has training in other healing modalities. I have spent countless ceremonies alongside my master teacher in Mexico working this medicine. It has had profound healing effects for me personally. When served appropriately with an experienced practitioner, bufo can be a phenomenal medicine for healing. It can help heal past traumas and addiction, release suppressed emotions, rewire faulty programming, illuminate our shadows, and connect us to the pure voice of Creator Source energy. I am here to help you discern if bufo is right for you and can help guide you to safe and legal practitioners.

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