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In quantum healing, we work in the unified field, outside of space/time/causality. I do this through a gentle method that is similar to hypnotherapy. As long as you are receptive, we can do an incredible amount of re-wiring and re-programming by accessing and healing wounded (inner child) timelines, resolving trauma timelines, cutting cords, breaking old contracts, and writing new destiny lines. These journeys help you to identify and transform the blockages and resistances, or heavier or lower density vibrations, that are keeping you from being your most prosperous, healthy, wealthy, light, and joyful self. I am able to help you identify those "stuck" places in your body and together, we release them in a very gentle and empowered way. The transformation process is clear and simple, it's the getting here that is often so difficult!  Trust that if you are here, you are ready.         
Reclaim.  Rewire.  Reconnect.  Remember.


We have to move beyond the mind and into the space of our intuition, our "knowing" place, to open ourselves up to the healing process. This means we move into the present state of the "now", where all true healing takes place. I do this through a technique that is similar to hypnotherapy. While you will experience another realm, you will also be able to access this 3D reality at any moment.



We will start by moving through breath exercises, lengthening our exhales, so we can give the "ok" to our nervous system to slow down and move into the receptive state (vs. the "go" and "do" state we are in most of the time). We will move into spherical breath, which helps you to tap into your energy field. I will give you tools to learn how to ground and move into the allowing state and we will practice using them in our sessions.



This is synonymous with quantum healing. We are able to travel out of space-time together to do the work across all dimensions and realities.  I have seen over and over again that this is the root healing, the true healing, that rapidly accelerates our healing journey and ascension process. This work is not only deeply healing, it empowers you to call upon your own inner shaman, your own inner healer, which then steps you into a more empowered place in every moment of your life. It gives you the tools so you can regain power and manifest everything you choose for yourself.



We will call upon our higher selves and connect to Source energy. I will call in our plant guides, animal guides, ancestor guides, and the angels to help support us on your journey and will give you visualizations to help you stay grounded and protected as you make your journey. This is all guided by Spirit and is not planned. You will find that each time we work together, you will gather new visualizations techniques and also get in touch with various energies that are here to support you at all times.



When we experience a trauma, it is said that a part of our soul fragments off and remains frozen in that timeline. This is why we "regress" in certain moments, when we are triggered. We will react from this wounded timeline, as that wounded self. In soul retrieval, we access that wounded timeline, and do the work that is needed there to heal the wound. When we heal that wounded inner child, or that wounded part of our self, we retrieve this part of our soul, and make the return to wholeness. Soul retrieval is the most effective and efficient modality I know of to heal the roots of dis-ease and dis-comfort.



Often, in times of trauma, we create contracts and limiting beliefs that result in patterns that can last for lifetimes. If you find yourself in the same loop or situation over and over again, it is likely you have a soul contract that is no longer serving you. Our work is to identify that old contract and when you are ready, to break the contract, which only you can do, from your place of sovereignty and free will. We will then write a new contract, often in the realm of the akashic records, which contain your destiny line. This is the ultimate in manifestation. Through this work, you will remember that you are the co-creator of your soul journey, and this work will empower you to continue to co-create a life of abundance, ease, and grace.



Everything is energy, and we are all connected through this energy. Sometimes, due to karmic loops and trauma bonds, we have unhealthy cords with another soul that continues to drain our power. We will continue to be in unhealthy patterns with certain souls lifetime after lifetime, until we have learned what we came to learn with them. Once we recognize these cords, learn the lessons, and heal what we need to heal, we can cut the cords with this person, thereby releasing ourselves from any future "negative" soul interactions with them. We set them, and ourselves, free, with love. Cord cutting is entirely possible through Zoom and can create a massive shift in our lives.

cord cutting.jpeg


Many of us have come at this time to heal not only for ourselves, but for our ancestors as well, for our lineage backward and forward, for all our relations. The science of epigenetics has shown that we carry the programs and traumas of our ancestors for up to fourteen generations. It has also shown us it is possible to change our fate and our DNA. We are here to help set our ancestors free, to clear timelines, and to change our carbon-based DNA so we no longer pass faulty programming on to future generations. All of the elders say, "You are the ones we have been waiting for!" The time is here and now. If you are here doing this work, know that you are the chosen one to do this work for your lineage.



This type of work requires you to meet me halfway. It requires trust and a willingness to move beyond the mind and the ego. I will listen deeply to you and I will support you without judgment. I will help you find the blockages and resistance to greater abundance...abundance of good health, wealth, joy, community, love, connection, and positive feelings of self-worth and confidence. You will receive tools that will continue to assist you in your healing journey and will also benefit the others in your life. You will begin to attract all that you desire at your deepest heart level. You are the one! You create your own reality. Let's make it one that is full of light, ease, and bliss.

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