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I currently reside near Houston, TX though I do travel frequently, especially to CA and Mexico. While in-person sessions are amazing, Zoom sessions are equally profound and transformative.

Current rates:

30-minute Zoom session.....$50

60-minute Zoom session ... $88

90-minute Zoom session... $122

Three 90-min Zoom sessions...$333

Five 90-min Zoom sessions... $555

Ten 90-min Zoom sessions... $999

90 minute in-person session ... $150

120 minute in-person session... $175

Private kambo session... $160

Kambo session x 3... $420

Private ceremonies... Starting at $250

Group ceremonies... Starting at $200

There is a MANDATORY thirty-minute consultation regarding the use of sacred medicines. If you are interested in sacred medicines, and have questions about what is right for you, you MUST schedule an appointment. I do not offer free phone consultations for this service. 

I offer sessions on a sliding scale as well as payment plans for those in need and can also do packages for a combination of in-person and Zoom sessions. The cost of your first Zoom session can be applied toward a package. 

Appointments generally require 24 hours notice.  Privacy, confidentiality, and a safe space are of highest priority.

Contact and Rates: Opening Hours
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