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Contact and Rates: Contact

60-minute introductory session... $99

After your intro session:

30-minute Zoom session.....$55

60-minute Zoom session ... $111

90-minute Zoom session... $144

300-minute package... $444

This can be broken down into five 60- minute sessions or in any way that works for you. This allows for more flexibility in our sessions, so we are not limited by time constraints and can take more time as needed or end ealier as needed. 

90 minute in-person session ... $155

120 minute in-person session... $188

Private kambo session... $160

Kambo session x 3... $444

Private ceremonies... Starting at $300 

Group ceremonies... Starting at $200

There is a MANDATORY one- hour consultation regarding the use of sacred medicines. If you are interested in sacred medicines, and have questions about what is right for you, you MUST schedule an appointment. I do not offer free phone consultations for this service. 

I offer sessions on a sliding scale as well as payment plans for those in need and can also do packages for a combination of in-person and Zoom sessions.

Appointments generally require a one to two-week's notice.  Privacy, confidentiality, and a safe space are of highest priority.

Contact and Rates: Opening Hours
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