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Shannon G., Houston, TX

I wanted to express gratitude for your help the last couple of weeks for helping me with major shifts. I am experiencing hope & joy for the 1st time in a loooong time.
In the most mundane moments, I feel things opening & shifting inside me. I could not have done this without your knowledge & guidance.
You are a life-changer!!!

Lou P, Texas

I appreciate your link to the incredibly rich Q-ero Medicine Wheel.
I immediately resonated with it's amazingly concise overview of the
spiritual journeying and post-ceremony integration process.

The sacred ceremonies have sparked a clarity and conscious awareness of
my mental, physical and spiritual transformation.
They have encouraged me to delve deeper, uncovering long hidden shadows
and suppressed, paralyzing fears.
It is the felt experience of the loving and protective Presence of God
that allows me to overcome resistance to knowing my truths and embrace
the healing process.

I am grateful for your spiritual guidance.

Kelli B., Texas

"I am beyond grateful to you!  The information, wisdom, and sacredness you bring to the table is phenomenal!!  I’m ready to learn more!"

Anna S, Vermont

As a trauma therapist, I am amazed at Bonnie's unique way of getting to the root. She has a way of connecting the dots very quickly and she is intuitive. The healing modalities she offers in her sessions are very unique and effective. Highly recommended.

Brandon, Atlanta, G

I have been seeing Bonnie for almost one year. In that time, I am almost completely off my meds. I have tools that I use daily to remain centered and calm. I have gone from being lonely and isolated to having a great new relationship. For the first time I can remember, I am happy. Bonnie listens, helps makes things clear, and offers a unique perspective. She works her magic in many ways. Every session is different. I highly recommend her for pretty much everything. She seems to be able to do it all!

C. Morgan, Texas

I worked with another "shaman" for ten years before finding Bonnie, even doing shaman training. I did more in two Zoom sessions with Bonnie than I did in the previous ten years. Some shamans want to keep you locked into a cycle so you don't ever leave them. Bonnie is showing me ways to empower myself and also new powerful tools that I can use on my own. I am beyond grateful!

Haley K, Texas

Bonnie, thank you so much for pouring yourselves into these retreats and creating true magic.

Jan B

Thanks again for a lie-changing experience.  Your wisdom and peace made for a most wonderful retreat.

Lisa D, San Diego, CA

"Whatever I write here could never match the magnitude of how much Bonnie has helped me. Working through your traumas with plant medicine is often like morse code but Bonnie easily brakes down the code for me. She is so loving and compassionate and powerfully holds space for me. I’ve been to many healers, integration coaches and many other healing modalities but Bonnie is the only one who’s ever made a difference. There’s honestly no one like her. I feel blessed to have her by my side."

Lisa Davis, California

Alacyn W.

The way she holds space for me is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bonnie as a guide for my entheogen integration process. My integration experience was extremely intense and what is considered a rare case yet she proved to be a compassionate and powerful guide. I wouldn't have been able to navigate through this process without her. She’s empathetic, loving, otherworldly and a true gift to this world. Thank you Bonnie!

Alacyn W., Texas

Adrienne C.

Bonnie is a wonderful, engaging teacher who understands how to hold sacred space. She is fully present and nurturing which comes through in every interaction. I felt as though I was able to be vulnerable and authentic because she creates the environment to do so. That allowed me to dig deep and go to places that I could not get to on my own. Truly a fantastic healer and guide! - Adrienne, Atlanta, GA

Grace, San Jose, CA

I don't think I would be alive if I didn't find Bonnie when I did. She saved my life. I spent most of my life in extreme anxiety and anger. She has helped me to find my inner child and heal the wounds there. She listens and holds space in a such a loving way. She has a way of making me see things in a way I never thought was even possible. She is all love.

Jimmy G, Jacksonville, FL

I found Bonnie when I was preparing for medicine ceremony and our sessions were invaluable for my experience. I have continued to have sessions with her to integrate my ceremony because there has been so much to unpack. Bonnie really understands sacred medicines and has so much experience and knowledge. If you are planning on going to a medicine ceremony, I would highly recommend you see her!

J. Giddens, Jacksonville, FL

Michele L., Sacramento, CA

I started seeing Bonnie for voice lessons because I have always felt shut down and very shy about expressing myself.  I just recently finished a yoga teacher training and I wanted to learn how to find and use my voice so I could be a better teacher.  Bonnie taught me a lot of exercises that have helped me learn how to deepen and speak more loudly and clearly, but I was unprepared for the flood of emotions that released when we started the exercises!  This is real therapy. Opening my voice has helped me heal in ways I didn't even know I needed to heal.

Lisa S

I came to Bonnie to help heal the trauma I remember in ayahuasca ceremony. Bonnie has been so kind and patient and has given me so many tools that are useful in the day to day. I love having sessions with her. My inner child is healing with our work. 

Lisa S., Los Angeles, CA

Anna W

One session with Bonnie was worth a lifetime of sessions with my psychotherapist. Bonnie knows how to get right to the heart of what is needed for healing. I never knew a Zoom session would bring so much healing. Thank you!

Anna W., Austin, TX

David L, Los Angeles, CA

I have been doing distance healing sessions with Bonnie and it is amazing what I have encountered.  Every session is like a timeless journey!  It's like an adventure.  I have learned so many things about myself I never knew, so many things that were hiding in the shadows.  Bonnie truly understands how to create a safe space.  I have learned about my inner healer, and how to become a whole person, so I can attract what I want, instead of trying to make things happen.  I can't say enough, so I will just say, try it!  You will be so happy you did!

Andrew S., Folsom, CA

I have been doing online sessions with Bonnie for two months as well as some sessions with her while she was in California.  Working with Bonnie has changed my life.  I have learned about boundaries and all of the ways I was holding onto pain and anger and not feeling my emotions.  I have also learned how to stand in my power.  My road rage is almost gone and I also got my power animal, the eagle!  Every journey with Bonnie is so powerful and so healing.  I highly recommend a distance session with her.  She is amazing!

Chris B., Palo Alto, CA

My distance healing session with Bonnie met my goal.  I wanted to jump start my healing process as I have many physical ailments at this time.  Mission accomplished.  I am very impressed with Bonnie's connection to Srouce energy.  She is the real deal.

S.B, Joshua Tree, CA (distance session)

I am holding our session very close.  It was so powerful.  My desire to embrace my feminine side and to be more soft is unfolding and I will be integrating this experience for quite a while.  Thank you so much, Bonnie.  You truly are an angel.

 H.G., Sacramento, CA

I saw Bonnie for some private sessions after I took her voice activation workshop.  I realized I had a lot more work to do to find my inner voice and to remove the obstacles to my full expression.  Bonnie was able to see into my childhood and find the small scared boy who got shut down and shamed.  We were able to bring him into the light and help him heal.  I had no idea the inner child work would be so powerful.  Now I know my work is to nourish and embrace that child every day so I can live more fully and free.  I am so grateful!

W. Currie, Fair Oaks, CA

"I was honored to learn from you. You are not a charlatan of Tantra who uses the methodology as a ruse to provide no more than a sexual response. The path you begun with me today revealed a web of energy which has laid latent in my spirit, one that I hope will continue to reveal itself as we continue on the journey. 

My hope is within your hands and guidance I will be able to transcend spiritually and sexually in a way I have never found due to my tightly held feelings. At my age it would be wonderful to let go and experience through a deep meditative state the joy of enlightenment. To pull back the curtains and allow my body and mind to enjoy liberation."

Ksenia R., Russia

"A woman of medicine and the energy of living with nature first, the realization of the wild free woman. Bonnie is at the right hand of the Curandero and is a wonderful facilitator and guide at ceremonies. She gives very careful and powerful healing sessions, working on several levels, working on the physical body blocks and helping to break your inner state and heal it. And also Bonnie is an amazing singer, her singing is divine! My association with Bonnie is a free white wind, a stork above the Earth on a sunny day."

Phillipe S., Sacramento, CA

WOW.  I had no idea it was possible to feel the way I felt after a session with you.  I felt so much more connected to myself, to others, to the nature.  It was the high vibration, it was like being high in the most natural and clear way possible.  I'm already using the techniques you taught me and I hope that this feeling will continue to grow and expand.  I can't wait for another session!  Thank you so much Bonnie!!!

V. Singh, Sacramento, CA

"I have never been touched in such a way.  I did not know it was possible to be touched with such incredible love. I was filled with fear and mistrust due to my past. Just one session with Bonnie helped me heal years of trauma and also helped me to understand that I was seeing the world in a way that was holding me back.  I am not a victim!  Healing is possible!"

Anton S, Russia

“She is full of love. She generously shares this love to whoever meets her. A pure, unconditional love, not judgmental and seeking for anything in return. It was something that opened up my heart to love again. I felt a deep sense of connection to her that I never experienced before.”

Toby S., New York, NY

“My experience was very special. I felt safe, loved, and understood from the first second. I could just BE. She opened up a space where I was able to let myself fall and be vulnerable.”

Michael G, Israel

“She is a priestess. I finally managed to sleep for the first time in a very long time.”

Z. O'Neil, Chatham, NY

“Bonnie has a way to see into your body, to tap into your electrical system, and to become a conduit to remove stuck energy. She is gentle yet strong.”

Stephen L., London, England

“Some of the best healing work I have ever received.”

Barbara S., Lithuania

“Bonnie helped me to find the Goddess inside me, to embrace my femininity, to release trauma, and to help me be in a more sensual and loving place with myself.”

Bryan G., Sacramento, CA

"After one session, I felt a tingle all over my whole body.  My whole body was shaking for a while, letting out the trauma.  Bonnie held me and sang to me and I felt as if I were a reborn child."

Dan S., Central Valley, CA

"I have been seeing Bonnie for almost three years now.  I am a Vietnam vet and suffered from PTSD and Bonnie helped me to overcome so much guilt and shame related to survivor guilt.  I was finally able to release all of the pain I kept inside me for so many years.  I look forward to every session.  It is like coming home."

Robert H., Modesto, CA

"I had prostate cancer and a prostatectomy.  I felt completely dead sexually.  Bonnie brought me back to life!  My ED is much improved but more importantly, I got back my mojo!"

Vainavi B., Davis, CA

"I have been divorced for 15 years and was terrified to re-enter the dating world.  My sessions with Bonnie re-awakened my sensuality and helped me to remember that I am sexy and desirable.  I learned that I had a lot of forgiving to do and that this would set me free.  I got back in touch with my yoni and my sacred sexuality and I am ready to conquer the world!"

Shiva M., Sacramento, CA

"I come from a country that represses sexuality.  Bonnie taught me about the proper way to honor and treat a women and that I don't need to be a sexual performer.  I have learned so much in sessions with her about how to honor the Goddess in every woman.  She taught me how to be present with a woman and how that was the best thing I could ever do to make a woman feel special."

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