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Individualized Sessions for Your Optimal Experience

As an Advanced Kambo Practitioner, Registered Nurse, and initiated Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine, I hold a safe and powerful space for your healing and transformation. I trained for four years before completing my advanced training in the Amazon and serve this sacred medicine in the tradition of the Matses tribe of Peru, from whom I received my final initiation.

"Bonnie holds an impeccable space. Her experience really shines through." Anna D., CA

"I am a kambo practitioner and have received kambo from many people. Bonnie's way of working with this medicine is truly profound. It was the deepest yet most gentle ceremony I've ever experienced." Zach O., CA

"I received kambo in Peru and thought I knew what kambo was. I had no idea how deep kambo could be until I had my kambo sessions with Bonnie. Kambo with Bonnie is on a whole different level." Michael S., Atlanta



Kambo is a medicine secreted through the skin of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog in the Amazon. It has been used for centuries by the indigenous tribes and contains multiple peptides and amino acids that cross the blood brain barrier.

While pharmaceuticals and allopathic interventions treat only the physical, kambo heals on the physical, energetic, and spiritual level. This medicine is so intelligent, it knows just where to go in your body and it has been used to heal just about anything that creates dis-ease. Gut issues, depression, anxiety, PTSD, cancer, parasitic infections, viral illnesses, fertility issues, hepatitis, HIV, migraines, organic brain diseases, skin and eye issues, chronic pain... kambo is an extremely intelligent and versatile medicine and works on every system in the body. Kambo is now being studied by scientists and shows promise in many areas to help bring the mind, body, and spirit back into balance.

Kambo works through the lymphatic system to clear both physical and energetic toxins from the body. It gets to the root of illness and clears the body of "panema" - stagnant negative energy that creates disease and "bad luck." It is one of the world’s most effective and natural vaccines, antibiotics, and immune system boosters. It detoxifies the liver and intestines, improves mental functioning, and dissolves emotional blocks. It also helps to reset our cellular memory. It will help you resolve trauma, release fear, and find motivation to bring your life into a higher vibration so you will attract a greater abundance of financial, physical, and spiritual wealth.

Traditionally, kambo is known as "warrior medicine." It takes a lot of courage and a strong mind and heart to work with this medicine. In the Amazon, it is still used by the tribes to help them hunt and to "see through the jungle." When you come to this medicine, you are ultimately coming to connect with your warrior spirit. I have been told by most people that working with kambo is one of the most difficult things they have done, both physically and mentally. I would agree with this after many years of my own personal experience. Kambo doesn't just make your body strong, it calls your "inner warrior" to the forefront. If you work with it mindfully and appropriately, through the space of your heart, you will awaken this warrior spirit within and integrate it into this physical reality and space-time dimension.



It's important you are well hydrated so before you arrive, you will drink two liters of water. We will also have conducted a thorough review of your health history and will have spoken about your intention. Intention, as with any intelligent medicine, is a key part of your optimal experience. Once you arrive, we will go deep into your intention to get to the root of your current issues. This will make your experience much more powerful and effective.

In the traditional way, I use the tamishi vine the frog lives on to make small burn marks and placement depends on what we are trying to heal. I do not apply to the spine, throat, or face, as my teachers believe this to be dangerous and unnecessary. The medicine is mixed in the traditional way with your DNA-containing saliva, which exponentially increases its potency in your body, and is applied to the burns for twenty minutes. You will experience flushing, rapid heart rate, feelings of your "heart beating out of your chest," changes in blood pressure, and flu-like symptoms. I'm not going to sugar-coat it - when you work deeply with this medicine, it may be one of the most uncomfortable and mentally and physically challenging things you have ever done. The upside is I will ease you into this process and I will be there to coach you through it. Once you are on the other side, it is like you are reborn. After you work with this medicine for a while and learn to trust it, these experiences can often be euphoric.

Purging through vomiting, stooling, and sweating are most common although other common purges might be yawning, crying, movement, or other sounds made through the body. The purge is how you detoxify and release stagnant energies, suppressed emotions, ideologies, and beliefs which no longer serve your greatest purpose and highest good. The burns will make small whitish-colored scars and most people seem to really like them. We will take care to ensure that the marks are placed in a way that you will feel comfortable.

I will be there to ensure your safety and support you with sage, mapacho, agua florida, rattles, and traditional songs from the jungle. After twenty minutes, I will remove the medicine and treat your burns with Sangre de Dragon. You will then rest and recover and I will serve you fresh organic fruits to help you replenish. After a short rest period, you should be ready to get on with the rest of your day. I recommend being gentle with yourself and allowing for a lot of rest and integration time. I will be available to you for further support if needed.

Sometimes we just need a "tune up," but most of the time, especially if you are new to kambo, it is recommended you complete the "inoculation" - three ceremonies in one lunar cycle, or 28 days. Also called the "vaccine," this give us protection from the environmental toxins we encounter daily, as well as giving us a much-needed reset. 

Above photo: My initiation by the Matses in the Amazon jungle of Peru



I began working with kambo on a personal level several years ago. Kambo has helped me to feel younger, lighter, and brighter. I have shed so many layers of fear, ego, and self-doubt through this medicine. I have also worked through issues of chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and parasitic and viral infections. Kambo is my vaccine and my immune-booster. It keeps me both physically and energetically strong so I am able to ward off both physical and energetic threats. I typically use kambo once a month to keep my body tuned up and to keep my mind, body, and spirit in balance.

Four years ago, I began apprenticing with various practitioners - two trained through IAKP and one trained in the jungle. I then found my teacher, Omar, of the Rainforest Healing Center near Iquitos, who is one of only a few people in the world to be initiated by the Matses tribe in the Amazon and given the blessing to teach their way of serving this medicine. Omar is a Master Practitioner and one of the most knowledgeable kambo practitioners in the modern world.

After receiving my basic training in Mexico, I went deep into the Amazonian jungle for my advanced training. Here I fell in love with the frogs. I learned to call to them and to harvest their medicine. All of my medicine is received directly from the Matses and is procured in a safe and humane way with the highest intention to protect the frogs and the jungle. I have a very close relationship with the frog and with this medicine and I am honored to be initiated into a traditional lineage which upholds the integrity of the medicine path.

I will add here that Where the Kambo Comes from is of extreme importance. Today, as kambo becomes more popular, the frogs are being tortured and mistreated by people who are desperate for money.

I go to Peru once a year to get my kambo from my teacher's land. I walk it out of the jungle myself. Nobody else touches it but me. The frogs on this land are revered and treated with the highest respect, where ethical treatment and sustainability are of the highest priority.

Above photo: Me bonding with the frog in the jungle.



Kambo is an excellent way to prepare for ayahuasca, as well as the other entheogens, to enable a deeper and more optimal journey. It assists with the surface purge and helps make the body more receptive to the medicine. It will clear stagnant energy and prepare the mind for the psychological effects of ayahuasca. Kambo and ayahuasca have a special connection. The spirit of ayahuasca is what, according to legend, brought about the knowledge of kambo use and its incredible benefits.

There are many legends about the origins of Kambo use, but the most widely accepted story comes from Brazil. According to Kaxinawa legend, the local village fell dangerously ill to an unknown disease. The village Shaman, Kampu, tried every known medicinal herb and remedy to cure them but none were effective in providing relief from their illness. In desperation Kampu sought guidance from the medicine ayahuasca. While in the forest and under the guidance of the sacred medicine, he was visited by the spirit of Mother Aya who led him through a vision to the frog. She showed him how to extract the white secretion and apply it to the villagers through burns on the skin. Kampu did as he was instructed, curing his village of their ailment. After Kampu’s death, it is said his spirit entered the frog and remains there today to help aid and protect the people of the forest, which is why it is now called "kambo."

I have many years of experience with entheogens, in both my personal journey as well as in the facilitator role, and I specialize in the integration process. I can serve as an excellent resource and guide when it comes to combining sacred medicines. We will take into account your entire story- your current health status, your intentions, and your history with sacred medicines -and decide what is most optimal for you.

Above photo: Assisting the Shipibo maestras in preparing the ayahausca brew with chacruna for our ceremonies in the jungle.



While there have been deaths associated with kambo, toxicology reports show that kambo has not been the cause. However there have been incidents connected to kambo due to other factors such as drinking too much water, mixing other substances, not following protocol, and not heeding contraindications. Kambo is an extremely safe medicine when applied appropriately. It is given in the jungle to children as young as two years old. Kambo is not illegal in the United States and it is not a hallucinogen.

There are many people serving kambo these days, and as it happens in the West, many are applying inappropriately, unethically, and without proper training. I have many years experience with this medicine, have advanced training, and have been to the jungle to receive proper initiation from the Matses. I have a special bond with the frogs and have learned firsthand how to harvest the medicine. I trust this medicine and am guided by the spirit of this medicine. I have over twenty years of experience in the medical field as a critical care nurse and am highly trained in life-threatening emergencies. I also have a deep understanding the disease process, pharmacology, and health and wellness. Safety is my top priority and we will work together to ensure that your experience is not only safe, but optimal. 

Above photo: My first meeting with the frogs, the most gentle, giving, and loving creatures in the jungle.



It's not safe for the following people to take Kambo:

  • If you have serious heart problems

  • If you have had a stroke

  • If you have had any kind of bleeding or blood clots in the brain

  • If you have had aneurism or blood clots anywhere in the body

  • If you are taking immune suppressants for organ transplants

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding an infant under 6 months of age

  • If you lack the mental capacity to make decisions about kambo

  • If you have serious mental health issues (excluding PTSD, depression or anxiety)

  • If you are taking medication for low blood pressure

  • If you are recovering from major surgery

  • If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation (You'd need to wait 4 weeks)

  • If you have Addison's Disease

  • If you have current and severe epilepsy

Above photo: Setting the frogs free after harvesting their medicine.



When you come to my ceremony, you are ensured you are getting the best possible experience, as I have advanced training, am a registered critical care nurse and shamanic practitioner, and belong to an organization of kambo practitioners which holds me responsible to keep up with additional training and continuing education. I walk my own medicine out of the jungle myself and use only the best quality medicines.

It is generally recommended that you receive three treatments within a 28-day period and you may need them more often if you are suffering from an acute illness. After your initial inoculation, it is best to receive kambo monthly to maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health.

The first session is $160. The rate is $444 for the 3x inoculation in 28 days. Packages are available at reduced rates if you would like to maintain a monthly or bi-monthly regime. I also work on a sliding scale for veterans, students, and retired or unemployed individuals.

Group sessions: I can arrange for a group rate for groups of 3 or more. Please note that I do NOT give kambo to everyone at the same time. This is potentially dangerous and does not allow for each individual to have a complete experience. An optimal experience in kambo happens when your practitioner is present with you for your entire experience. 

Above photo: After my initial training in Tulum.

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