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Effortless Expansion

Effortless Expansion.

As we begin to fill up, I wish it to be effortless...

and Joyful.

A Dance.

As we spread our wings, may Condor guide us.

Now is the time to fill up. We have shed our skins, the lower densities with Serpent energy.

We have felt into our shadows with fearlessness through Jaguar.

We have sipped the sweet nectar of Life through Hummingbird.

Now is the time to spread our wings as we approach this most auspicious Solstice and the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius.

This is the time for Expansion.

What do you want to expand into? Condor helps us to anchor that highest frequency, the highest vibration of your Being, into this timeline.

Use this time wisely!


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