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Dismantling belief systems...

Dismantling the "bs"...otherwise known as "belief systems". I've heard Krishna Das say so many times, "Don't believe everything you think." As I began to observe my own thought patterns, I had to admit, most of it was bs.

I went down the "rabbit hole". I questioned everything i was ever taught, everything I had been told. I began to see in many ways, I had been brain-washed. It was very difficult to admit certain things to myself. It was very difficult to let go of certain ideas I had about the people I had put my trust and faith in.

But I did, I let go of all of it. I washed myself clean of as many belief systems as I could. I learned the person I needed to trust most was my Self. And that the more I meditated, turned the mirror on myself, found the wounds, found the programs, the patterns, the more I found the deeper Wisdom.

What is Truth? Every day, I dig a little deeper. I constantly return to stillness, to emptying out. Finding the deeper patterns and dismantling them.

Why is it so hard to open our minds? Because we must move beyond our belief systems, which are a product of the ego. The ego hates to be wrong. I've been wrong about so many things, and it has been incredibly liberating to admit this.

It's so important to step outside of ourselves, outside of our box and the prison of our belief systems.

Ram Dass said "wherever you look, you will find what you are looking for." Anyone with an agenda can take anything someone says and prove/disprove it. Looking at something through a belief system, or refusing to look at something because of a belief system, is a dishonor to one's Self. This is the ego.

I pray every day to awaken even more. To shine from the heart of love. To trust in my Self. To not allow the ego to control me. These times are inspiring some of us to look deeper, to challenge belief systems, to rewire and repattern. That's a good thing.

Forever humbled. Every day more humbled.

Jai Maa

Written on April 15, 2020

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