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Bonnie Divina Maa, RN, CCRN, E-RYT 500, Practitioner of Energy Medicine, Certified Advanced Kambo Practitioner, Ceremonialist, Ascension and Integration Specialist

Accelerate Your Healing. Accelerate Your  Evolution.

Rewire old Programs. Reconnect with Joy. Return to Wholeness.

Remember Who You Are. 

The Healing Journey: Welcome


Breath,  Presence, and Awareness.  Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.  Feeling, Allowing, and Receiving.

These are the paths to your healing, you just need to remember how to access them.  I will take you on a unique journey that will help you awaken to your own divine nature and the ability to heal yourself.  I will help you clear ancestral patterns, resolve traumas, and transform old programming through ancient shamanic practices as well as through my own intuitive gift of multi-dimensional healing.



Every healer brings something unique and what I bring is over twenty-five years of experience in the healing profession as well as the grace to have sat at the feet of many enlightened masters throughout the world. Due to the nature of my work in critical care as well as my work in the shamanic realm, I have an immense capacity to hold  space for those who have suffered trauma so true healing can take place. I also have the capacity to help those who have healed a lot in this lifetime expand into even higher vibrations and more enlightened ways of Being. By accessing the intuitive wisdom that we all have access to, I can help you transmute old patterns, move stagnant energy, and access higher realms. My technique is subtle, profound, and highly effective.

I have a background in emergency medicine, trauma, neurological, and cardiac care as well as extensive training in alternative healing arts. This includes Thai massage, yoga therapy, sound healing, breathwork, aromatherapy, craniosacral techniques, myofascial release, abdominal massage, pelvic floor release, womb healing, ancestral medicine, plant medicine integration, trauma resolution, shadow work, inner child work, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, quantum healing, and tantric and Taoist techniques for directing the flow of energy, all of which may be included in some way in session.

We weave our own unique journey.

I work on the parts of your body you can see as well as the parts you can't...the physical, the energetic, and the spiritual. I do this through a flow of energy I know as the Divine Mother energy. I am able to send light energy to you through this Source.  I take you to a place beyond the mind, beyond time and space, to the quantum space, the space of pure Presence,  which is where true healing and transformation takes place. It is here we access ancestral, past life, or childhood events that are affecting you in your present state. Gently guiding you into these timelines, I will help you recall the fragments of your soul that have been waiting to return and help you return to wholeness.

People come to me for a multitude of reasons - feeling stuck, depression, addiction, physical maladies, trauma resolution, blocks to abundance. Many have participated in years of other kinds of therapy and are looking for the next step to enlightenment and root healing. Some need soul guidance and clarity on how to further expand their consciousness. If you allow me to help you remove blockages and resistance, you will experience profound healing and a greater abundance of joy and freedom. You will learn to access your inner healer. You will rewire old programming and you will literally recode your carbon-based DNA. You will experience a deep unconditional love that many describe as being held by the Divine Mother herself.  What I offer is very different from anything you will have ever experienced. If you are reading this, it is because you are ready! 

Let's do the work!



These sessions are unique to each individual. I give you my full presence and listening. We are mainly identifying the roots that are creating dis-ease and illness and implementing tools for root healing. You can read more about the modalities throughout this website. Commonalities are learning how to breathe fully, learning how to feel and release suppressed emotions in a safe and empowered way, learning how to reframe and change your story, changing thought patterns, resolving trauma, balancing energy, receiving guidance, and gaining clarity. You may be experiencing an intense awakening and need to understand what is happening and what to do with it. You may need expert guidance on preparation or integration with the use of sacred medicines. Sometimes people just need to "pour it out." I am here to hold space for the release of everything you have been holding onto, in love and compassion. So many people are relieved to find out they are not alone in their thoughts and their actions. They can finally release their anger, shame, and guilt and forgive themselves and others. I am here for you, for whatever you need. You will be empowered with tools, clarity, and increased self-awareness. You will learn how to transcend, heal, and experience more enlightenment.



The secret to any touch is loving intention. Love flows from the heart through the hands. I am a conduit for the healing Divine Mother energy and have the ability to tap into your energetic and physical body, feeling into places where you are holding stagnant energy, trauma, and stress. I have a very gentle yet highly effective way of helping you to clear old patterns, release trauma, and melt into a space of allowing and receiving. I work mainly on the head, jaw, throat, sternum, abdomen, and pelvis. These are part of the central energetic channel and correspond to the main 'chakras' or energy centers.



When we start feeling, we start healing.

Most of us were never taught how to simply sit still and feel our feelings. Most of us were taught to suppress them and to distract ourselves by doing, keeping ourselves 'busy' so we don't have to sit with uncomfortable emotions. Others feel so much, so deeply, that it feels overwhelming and that takes us into freeze or flight. These suppressed emotions create energetic blockages which manifest in physical and emotional imbalances. Because heavier emotions carry weight, eventually they create a lower overall vibration and the inability to live in a higher frequency. 

We must move into a space of less 'doing' and more 'feeling' if we are to experience higher levels of bliss. We must allow ourselves time to simply sit still and feel our feelings. This opens the gateway to learning how to 'just be,' and this is the path to enlightenment. The Higher Self perceives, feels, and remains in pure equanimity. You will leave with tools that help you learn to fully embrace your feelings, to feel them in a safe and empowered way, so you can move through every moment experiencing the freedom and bliss that you already are and have always been.

When we start to allow feelings to arise, we can begin to shine the light of awareness on our shadows. These are simply the parts of ourselves we have been afraid to see, generally because there is fear, pain, shame, or guilt connected to these places. The most difficult part of shadow work is beginning. With my guidance, we will create a safe space for you to explore these shadows. Sometimes we are able to uncover stories associated with these shadows and sometimes there is no story. Either way, when you feel safe to explore them, just by shining the light of your awareness, we begin to transform these energetic patterns and create space for joy and pleasure.  

Re-wire.  Re-program.  Re-connect.



We often numb ourselves to the incredible sensuality that we are inherently entitled to experience in every moment. We often confuse sensuality with sexuality, and although they are related, they are not one and the same. We are all sensual beings....we sense. Awakening to sensuality is about learning to be present and aware. We feel our feelings fully. We smell the air with pleasure, taste our food with joy, listen with curiosity, and enjoy the sunlight on our faces. We take in all of the gifts of our surroundings with awe and wonder.

The elements are our allies. Central to all transformation is awareness of the elements. Central to our healing is the balancing of the elements within. When we ground, root into earth element, and spend time in nature, we are healing our earth body. When we activate our healing waters, the intelligent life force within, we cleanse and purify. When we ignite our spirit through fire element and tend to our inner fire, we experience rapid transformation.

Air, our breath, is our connection to the spirit world. Our lungs are the wings of our heart. We will focus on breath, on the space between breaths, and especially the exhale to bring us into a receptive state, sometimes known as the theta state. It is here we are able to let go, to trust, and to surrender.



The energetic heart is the spiritual seat of the soul, where Love lives. This is where we begin to remember who we are, that we are Love, the All that Is. When we learn to move into the Now, we allow the ego and the mind to rest in the space of the heart, and we can experience the bliss of our true essence. 

The third eye and crown centers are where we connect into the astral realms, or spirit world. We reconnect to our own divinity and to our Higher Self... the Self that feels, discerns, and intuits. I will help you activate your third eye center, your pineal gland, and your thymus gland. I will also teach you how to balance your hormones by activating your pituitary gland. We will open from the heart to the crown and bring divine healing energy in from above. We will also learn how to sublimate the energy from the lower energy centers, transforming it through the space of the heart.



If we want to truly heal, then we must check in with our abdominal center, the house of our gut intuition, also known as the solar plexus or sun center. This vital center is often where we hold the most stagnant energy, suppressed emotions, and trauma. Lack of attention to these vital areas can lead to many physical ailments, such as anxiety, GERD, IBS, cancer, constipation, and diarrhea, and most can be completely healed through abdominal massage and energetic repatterning. If we want to truly exhale, then deep abdominal release is essential. 

I have learned from both Chinese and Thai master practitioners the art of abdominal massage. We have 72,000 energy channels radiating out from our navel.  The gut brain is known as our "first brain" where our intuition can be accessed.  I will first help you learn how to breathe and make space in your belly so your diaphragm has room to move freely. I will also teach you how to breathe spherically to maximize your life force energy. Beyond that, I will help you soften your belly, psoas, and inner organs so you can release blockages and access more easily your deep wisdom.

Pelvic liberation frees us up to start moving through life again with sensuality and joy. Imbalances in the sacral area lead to low back pain, joint pain, and a myriad of dis-ease and dys-function. I use a variety of techniques to help you activate and find balance again in your sacral area. You can learn more about pelvic liberation here

If we want to get to the root of it all, we have to work on the root! Imbalanced root centers will also contribute to a host of physical imbalances such as rectal or prostate cancer as well as relationship issues, emotional imbalances, deep fear, and insecurity.  Much can be healed simply by bringing your focus and attention to your root center. I will help you to release fear-based emotions and re-balance your root center so you can feel more grounded, secure, and connected.



There is nothing more powerfully healing than the sound and vibration of your own voice. In order for the mind to quiet and sink into the space of the heart, our throat centers must be open. Most of our throat centers shut down at a very early age as we were taught that "children are to be seen and not heard." We may have been told that our singing voice was unpleasant, or we may have been shut down when trying to express ourselves through music or art, or we may have simply never been given the space to express our feelings.

Sound creates vibration and certain frequencies heal our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Sound helps stuck energy move. This is based on scientific research and it is said 'the future of medicine is in sound'. I will help you open your throat center and give you tools to help you in daily self-soothing and release. In session, we will sigh, cry, and maybe even scream. We will allow our body's wisdom to take over and move energy. When energy is released through sound, the healing is exponentially accelerated.

I have studied the Sanskrit language, nada yoga (the yoga of sound), and mantra for many years and bring this ancient healing technology to you as well as sound healing with my voice, rattles, bells, and a Tibetan bowl which was created especially for me. My new passion is something I have created and call Embodied Voice Activation. I have been leading these workshops around the world and in our private sessions, you will receive the benefits of this work.



I have taken part in countless shamanic and tantric rituals throughout the world and I have learned from the shamans of South America as well as from the tantric yogis (the shamans of the Indus Valley) and the Taoist masters, the shamans of Southeast Asia, many healing modalities. Many highly enlightened beings have taken me under their wing and taught me valuable tools which I bring to you. Everything I have learned, I have learned by being up close and personal as a participant, student, or direct assistant. 

I was initiated by the Q'ero shamans in Andean shamanism and I have learned methods such as cord cutting, rainbow body activation, womb healing, entity extractions, and energetic surgery. 

The first step in becoming a shaman is learning how to heal ourselves. I want to tap you into your inner shaman. We all have the ability to tap into the spirit world and we all have the ability to heal ourselves and others. Accelerate your healing by allowing me to help you find your Inner Healer.



I began my study of plant power in 1998 with herbalism and aromatherapy and began dieting plants in 2018. There is a wealth of plants available to us to help us clear, rebalance, heal, and connect to our divine energy. Sage, palo santo, copal, bobinzana, hibiscus, tulsi, rose, mint, mugwort, lavender, blue lotus, frankincense, and pine are some of my personal favorites.

I began working with medicines such as ayahuasca, kambo, huachuma, bufo, coca leaf, sananga, mapacho, psilocybin, tobacco, cacao, and rapé in 2012 and have spent a lot of time in the jungle and the mountains of Peru as well as other places in the world learning from various shamans, medicine women, and practitioners. If you are interested in expanding your consciousness through entheogens, I can help you have the optimal experience by guiding you with pre-and post- integration. You can learn more about working with sacred medicines and entheogen integration here.



As a critical and emergency medicine nurse for twenty years, I have a vast understanding of pharmaceuticals, the human body, the disease process, the birth process, and the death process. I have held space for people in their life-shattering moments with deep empathy and love. I am trained in crisis and have many skills and tools to help guide you on your journey, especially if you have experienced trauma or chronic illness.

I have been a student and teacher of hatha yoga, nada yoga, and bhakti yoga for many years as well as a kirtan wallah and harmonium player. I also play the medicine drum, sing in plant medicine ceremonies, and lead song circles.

There is pretty much nothing at this point that I think could surprise me after so many years of holding space in medicine ceremonies as well as the emergency room, so bring it all!  Let's look at it and zap it with the light of our awareness.

All of this can take place through distance healing. Although it certainly is nice to receive therapeutic touch, my distance healing sessions are profound. You can learn more abut them here:

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