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Reclaim your Inner Shaman

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Reclaiming Your Inner Shaman

Every single one of us has shamanic roots. That means You too!

The term “shaman” comes from Siberia and translates to “The Knower.” The Knower is the aspect of our Self that intuits… it just Knows. This is accessed through our third eye vision… what we see when we close our physical eyes and go inward… into the You-ni-verse. The Knower transcends the egoic mind and the thinking mind and moves into the place of no thought… the No-thing. Yet, the No-thing contains the Every-thing. When we tap into the space of the Knower, we tap into the realm beyond the space-time continuum where you can access all Divine Wisdom… your Inner Healer… your Inner Shaman.

Shamans connect to other realms of Consciousness. They understand the true “I” is not the body and not the mind. The true “I” is that pure eternal part of our Self that exists when all of our roles and identities fall away. It is the part of you that cannot burn in the fire. It is the part of you that exists everywhere all at once, all the time… in the quantum realm.

The quantum realm is where everything is connected. The illusion of separateness that we often so live in through our egoic eyes falls away and we remember we are part of the One. The quantum realm is the pure space of the Now… pure awareness… the infinite moment. Past and future do not exist here. When we access the quantum realm, we move into the space where true healing can take place. This is the place we can actually change our DNA. We can change our destiny. We remember we are the co-Creator.

Shamans are not separate from Nature and work with the plant and animal realms and the Elementals – earth, air, fire, water, and ether. They understand that these are our best medicines. When we are in right relation with Nature and the Elementals, we create an ideal inner and outer landscape where we can thrive. The elements, plants, and animals are expressions of Spirit. They are here to help us cleanse, transform, transmute, expand, and heal.

Shamans also understand the importance of ritual, prayer, and intention. Quantum physics is now proving what the shamans have always known… intention matters. Words matter. Thoughts matter. When we connect to the other realms through ritual, intention, and prayer, we begin to remember that we can transform anything for the greatest purpose and highest good. We can manifest greater abundance and all of our dreams for a better world.

Depending on where you are in the world, shamans employ different modalities for healing, but all do so through realms of consciousness beyond the third and fourth dimensions. We enter the world of Spirit. Spirit moves through everything we are experiencing in the three-dimensional world, but often our minds cannot interpret that everything, and I mean Everything, is an expression of Spirit. So, when we travel into other realms, we access the Spirit world of plants, animals, angels, ancestors, archetypes, star beings… I could go on… and all of the other timelines where we concurrently exist.

Here, we can begin to recall old soul contracts and find the places where the soul has been “fragmented.” This occurs as we experience trauma or have essentially traded a part of our soul for something that was not for the highest good. The shaman understands we have all been the persecuted as well as the persecutor. We need to go back and reclaim these parts of our Self so we can heal these timelines and return to Wholeness.

Shamans work on the luminous field... the energy body. Sometimes this is also referred to as an aura. This is the part of our us that we can’t see, but is very real… even more real than our physical body or our mind. The shaman understands We are Energy… the same Energy that exists across all dimensions and comes from Source… Creator. We are made in the likeness of God… pure Loving Awareness. When our energetic patterns are disrupted, when our energy is stuck or stagnant, this is when illness and dis-ease manifest in the physical body. We can identify those stuck places or those places where we have faulty wiring and move that stuck energy and rewire.

The most important work of the shaman is to empower everyone to remember they too are a shaman. When you reclaim your inner shaman, you reclaim your Power as your Highest Self.. the Self that is at one with Spirit. The Self that knows intuitively how to heal. The Self that no longer identifies as the body or as thoughts, but as a pure eternal Being.

So, remember who you are! You are the Knower. You have the ability to Intuit. You have everything in you and everything you need to heal yourself, to transform and transmute, and to alchemize. Once you awaken to this basic truth, you will reclaim your inner shaman.

Haux, Amen, and Aho!

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