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What is a Shaman?

What is a Shaman?

It’s so important as the western world begins to embrace visionary medicines and shamanism that we respect these ancient traditions and do our best to understand them.

The word “shaman” originated in Siberia and translates to “the Knower.” Shamans intuit by accessing universal wisdom. We all have shamanic roots, and we can all practice shamanism, but to call oneself a shaman means to have trained for many years (most would say at least as many years as a medical doctor would train) and to have been initiated through a lineage. There are shamanic lineages from every part of the world and shamanism can be practiced in a multitude of ways according to each lineage, but there are some commonalities I have noticed in my years of study and training with various lineages.

Shamans work with energy and are able to experience other realms of consciousness, such as the plant realms, animal realms, and ancestor realms, typically without the aid of visionary medicines. It is very important to be clear that not all shamans use visionary medicines and not all visionary medicine practitioners are shamans, however, most shamans have knowledge of plant medicines and a vast understanding of plant consciousness. They listen to the plants and receive valuable information. Working closely with the Elements, with Nature, the Directions, and with Spirit are integral to shamanism and shamans are informed by them well as well as other realms of consciousness that exist outside of the space-time continuum and third-dimensional reality.

Shamans understand it is the energy body, sometimes known as the luminous field, that informs the physical body and they seek to clear the imprints we have received through genetic programming and trauma so the quality of the energy body can be upgraded. This is sometimes known as the Illumination Process or Soul Retrieval. Shamans are able to help one heal other timelines where parts of the soul may have been fragmented and help one recall those soul fragments so they may return to wholeness. They can clear invasive or stuck energies in the energy field and reinform them with healing light from Source.

Shamans are future trackers. Traditionally, this might be knowing where the fish will be biting or the buffalo will be roaming the following day. Today, shamans are able to track future timelines so one can learn to dream their highest destiny into being. They understand that working with dreams are an integral part of health and that time spent in meditation, visualization, ritual, and ceremony are vital for accelerated healing. Shamanic practices are supported by quantum physics and epigenetics.

I hope this helps to clear up some of the misunderstandings around shamanism. I am available if you would like to delve further into shamanism as a way to bring clarity and healing into your life.

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