The Before and After



Entheogens are consciousness expanding medicines that often elicit a supernatural or divine experience. They assist us in connecting with our divinity... our inner guru, inner shaman, and inner healer. It is well known in the medicine community that ceremony begins as soon as one decides to work with an entheogen and continues long afterwards. For the last ten years, I have been learning with shamans and curanderos, participating and holding space in countless journeys with entheogens as well as the master medicine kambo. After assisting hundreds of participants, I am well aware that an optimal experience in ceremony is heavily dependent on the pre-integration work, and post-integration is a delicate and sensitive process that can take place over months or even years.


Integration is the process of returning to wholeness. Entheogens will show us our shadows, our traumas, and the places we need to do our work. They will also help us experience the cosmic realms and the light of our highest self. Integration is about shedding the ego layers of ourselves created resistance, disillusionment, and dis-ease. It is also about reflecting on the ceremony experience and what we have been shown, gathering the tools needed to do our work, and anchoring in a higher-vibration version of ourselves into this timeline. Entheogens will assist you in uncovering the masks and reasons for unhealthy coping mechanisms. You still have to do the work. I can help you continue the conversation with the sacred medicines outside of the ceremony space so you can access your inner healer, navigate other realms of consciousness, nullify soul contracts, release trauma and suppressed emotions, confront your shadows, and recall fragments of your soul, enabling you to heal all timelines so you can come full circle, into the whole.


An optimal experience with entheogens requires a great amount of trust and surrender. Suppressed traumas, shadows, and unresolved issues may rise to the surface, even before we begin our work with entheogens, often through physical sensations, emotional feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and sometimes through memories or dreams. It is quite normal to feel anxiety before any experience that is going to open us up to other realms of consciousness. In the work we do together, I will help you prepare physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, so you can remove many of the obstacles that may prevent you from being able to trust and surrender into the experience. Often, we are not prepared for the dissolution of the ego that work with entheogens may bring. This can often be terrifying, and having a guide through this experience is essential. The quantum realm that is experienced through medicine work can help us expand and embody the cosmic codes of divinity that we have come here to remember, however, if we do not know how to fill that space, or we are not aware of what is occurring, we can often regress and reinforce harmful patterns. Again, this is why it is essential that even the most experienced of practitioners have a pre- and post-integration plan in place.


Many people feel great after ceremony, but weeks or months later can feel worse than they did before ceremony. This is because they did not allow for an optimal post-integration experience or were not properly prepared to begin. Having your heart blown wide open and experiencing the realms of the infinite is what we came here to do, and entheogens are here to help us with that, but what do you do with that cracked-open heart and that mind-blowing realization of the Everything and the Nothing when you return back to your normal life? How do you protect your energy body as it rewires and reconnects? How do you navigate the fields of your subconscious mind as you become more aware of this vast space? How do you begin to make sense of the quantum field you have experienced? How do you allow your physical body time and space to complete the healing transformation? How do you allow time and space to continue the conversation... to do the work? How do you continue to raise your vibration and operate in a higher frequency while being fully in your body?


Entheogens are master teachers and help us heal in many ways, but when we have limited experience with these medicines, or with consciousness expansion, trauma resolution, or shadow work, it is always best to have a guide. Even when we have a lot of experience, it is still optimal to have someone to help us integrate. I am fully aware of the many missteps and pitfalls when it comes to working with the entheogens, and I want you to have the best possible journey. Like any journey, what we pack and how we prepare is vital to our experience. I will help prepare for your journey and will ease you into the post-integration process so you can further awaken and ascend. I am happy to serve you and to ensure safe passage. In the work that we do together, I will help you begin and continue the conversation with the medicine before and after ceremony. I will help you prepare you physically and energetically so you can more fully trust and surrender. I will help you understand what you saw, felt, or heard, and help you process that in a way that will be optimally beneficial. You can learn more about some of the modalities I use here. Sessions are available in person or through Zoom.


I have been working with sacred medicines for the purpose of divination and consciousness expansion for almost 30 years. I have studied plant consciousness and apprenticed with shamanic practitioners all over the world. My entheogen experience comes mainly through the Shipibo and European/Indigenous lineages of Peru, although I also have a connection to the Huni Kuin, Yawanawa, and Santo Daime of Brazil, and I an initiated as a pampamasayoc shaman in the Q'ero tradition of the Andes. I have worked on a deep and personal level with many master teachers such as ayahuasca, huachuma, psylocybin, bufo alvarius, kambo, changa, rapé, mapacho, cannabis, and cacao. You can read more about my personal experience here

Connecting into the deep wisdom the entheogens bring is a privilege and is not to be taken lightly. To honor and protect these great teachers and the medicine keepers is a necessity if we are to receive the benefits. May these medicines continue to thrive on our sacred planet and bring deep healing and enlightenment to all.

Haux, Amen, and Aho!

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