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Wild and in my Fullness

I’ve played with this phrase over the last several years. “Re-wilding” is a term you hear in certain circles these days. To be wild means many things….to be in constant conversation with nature…with the birds, the trees, the water, and the wind. It means being deeply connected to the cycle of the moon, planning life events and “to do lists” in accordance with her waxing and waning. It means remembering that I am free to be me and to live in accordance with my soul’s purpose, not the constraints of societal norms.

As we move into this full moon, I also contemplate what it means to be in my fullness. In order to be in my fullness, I must first be wild. Being in my fullness means I am constantly expanding, breathing in life and embracing my Self in whatever situation is “happening” around me. It is remembering that I create my own reality.

Sometimes as we approach the full moon, things can feel more chaotic. It’s so important during this time to stay grounded and to be full in our bodies and our breath. As I contemplated fullness yesterday, I realized that in order to be in my fullness, I must be in my full breath….my full inhalation as well as my full exhalation.

I talk a lot about exhalation in sessions. During this full moon time, the exhalation becomes crucial. We must empty out so we can fill up. The full moon is all about waxing and releasing. Especially if you feel things are a bit more chaotic right now, it is time to stop, ground, and exhale. Feel into your fullness.

Being in your fullness means that no matter what is “happening” around you, you can smell the smells, listen to the sounds, and feel the feels. You can fill up with what the Universe offers us every day….expansive blue sky, light from the sun and moon, breath from the trees, the song of the birds, and the smell of the flowers.

One of the best and easiest ways to ground is to get out in your bare feet and spend ten minutes soaking up the earth’s energy. Earth medicine is here for us especially during this time. (If you haven’t read or heard about “grounding” or “earthing”…it is real and it is easy!)

I extend to all of you my embrace and gratitude on this full moon. May you take the time to remember you are wild. May you take the time to breathe into your fullness.

Om Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudacyate

Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnamevavasisyate

Loosely translated, this Sanskrit mantra means all is perfect, full and whole. That is perfect. This is perfect. From that fullness this fullness came. From that fullness, even if fullness is removed, it remains full.

We have always been full, perfect, and whole. We always will be. That which is eternal can never be anything but whole, full, and perfect. May you remember you are That and you are This.

Full and Loving embrace,


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