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What is spiritual bypassing?

Do you find yourself saying things like “It’s all good” or “Spirit will take care of everything” when you encounter adversity or heavy emotions? Do you find yourself turning away from difficult situations or uncomfortable emotions and turning towards something spiritually oriented so you don’t have to sit with the uncomfortable or look at your own shadows? If so, you might be spiritually bypassing opportunities for growth and evolution.

The truth is, we have to meet Spirit halfway. We can change our fate and live our highest destiny in this timeline, but 50% of this comes from Divine Will and the other 50% comes from Free Will.

We come into this human existence as divine beings with free will. We often make choices that impact our karma and reinforce old faulty programming. We choose to turn away from heavy emotions, fear, and shadows that are creating lower density vibrations and the Universe has no choice but to respond in kind as dictated by the Law of Attraction. The Universe wants to shower infinite abundance, light, and love on us, but as long as we are carrying around heavy baggage, we will not ultimately be able to ascend to higher timelines and receive this abundance.

So, how do we meet Spirit halfway?

We must strike a healthy balance between “being” and “doing.” We are human “beings,” not “human doings.” To spend time in being means to spend time in quiet contemplation, meditation, and deep listening. When we get quiet and still and move into the place beyond thought, we can download messages from Spirit. We can receive guidance, divine teachings, and ancient wisdom about how to move forward with actions that will enable us to shed those heavier densities. We meet Spirit halfway by striking this balance of doing and being.

We must feel our feelings. If we are constantly turning away from heavy emotions by turning to negative things like substances or alcohol, or even positive things like entheogens or ceremony, the good feeling will only be temporary. Those heavy emotions get stuffed down and create illness and dis-ease and this manifests in a multitude of ways. We must learn how to sit with the uncomfortable and feel our feelings. We then begin to move and transform that stuck muddy gunky stuff that keeps pulling us back down into lower timelines.

We must embrace our shadows. We all have them. To be in denial of shadows is to empower our blind spots which will ultimately keep us partially in the dark. We must turn toward our shadows and learn how to illuminate and transform them back into light.

As we do the above, we begin to rewire. This is done by creating a toolbelt full of tools that we can use in a variety of situations. There are hundreds of useful tools at our disposal and as we put them to use, we rewire old programming and we begin to discern and intuit. The higher self feels, discerns, and intuits. It does not react. It operates from higher programs that keep us in a state of sovereignty, presence, equanimity, and bliss even in the face of adversity and darkness.

For a long time, I myself was lost. When I started to follow these steps, I overcame adversity and suffering… addiction, trauma, unhealthy relationships, “bad luck,” chronic pain and illness, depression, and suicide attempts. I did not do it alone. Ceremony wasn’t enough. I had to reach out and ask for help. I allowed others with experience to show me, guide me, and teach me how to feel, how to embrace shadows, and how to rewire. Now, I am able to help others. I am here for you, as are many others! If I can’t help you, I know people who can.

You are needed and you are deeply loved!

Jai Maa,

Bonnie Divina Maa, RN, CCRN, E-RYT 500,

Energy Medicine and Shamanic Practitioner,

Ascension and Integration Coach

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