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The Warrior

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

I’ve learned a lot in this incarnation on this sacred Earth, and what I’ve mostly learned is that I don’t know anything. At least, not with my mind. But I do have a Knowing. And this has come with Remembrance, which comes from within.

I came here to remember who I am. This is the soul’s journey, which is a graduation from the hero’s journey. The hero is an immature aspect of the warrior. A true warrior embodies the the soul.

Centered equanimity. Inner bliss. The unmovable unshakeable Truth.

We come here as soul-seekers. Even if we don’t know it yet. We are seeking the Truth. The Highest Self. And Earth is a school. A school of duality. Of darkness and light. Of fear and love. And while the hero needs to triumph over darkness, the warrior simply resides in the light, as Truth.

We come here to master duality.

In mastering duality, we remember what the yogis, the shamans, and the mystics have always known. We remember we have been both the shadow and the light. The persecutor and the persecuted. The victim and the perpetrator. The sinner and the saint.

We come here to remember we are the co-creator of every experience. Even the seemingly horrific ones. When we remember this, we stop assessing blame. We begin to unwire those incredibly powerful, deeply entrenched, fear-based programs that have been running our show.

Shame. Guilt. Rage. Revenge. Regret.

The lowest vibrations.

We remember we are the Alchemist. And when we shine of the light of our loving awareness on these programs, we see them for what they are. We transform them. We upgrade our programming.

Love. Compassion. Forgiveness. Acceptance.

The transcendence of duality. The recognition of Source energy and the One-ness and Same-ness in everyone and everything.

These are the highest vibrations. They feel good. They nourish us. They foster true Freedom and create a frequency for us to reside in. The warrior frequency. The Love frequency.

We are given many opportunities in Earth school to upgrade our programming. At every turn, we have the opportunity to choose love. The warrior never intends to do harm. The warrior does not engage in shame, guilt, blame, revenge, violence, or victimhood.

When we choose to operate from fear-based programs, we reinforce them. We create more cycles of negative karma. We create an invisible prison for ourselves.

When we choose to operate from love-based programs, we rise above.

We soar like the eagle. Like the condor.

Free. Free from those invisible chains that bind us. Free from those old dysfunctional programs that keep us trapped in the lower vibrations.

We are in Earth school to remember… nothing happens “to” us. Everything happens “for” us. This is the warrior mindset. We take everything that happens and turn it within. We ask ourselves why we have co-created this experience. We see it as an opportunity to upgrade our programming. To act as the true warrior. Always centered in the space of the heart, the seat of the soul.

This is a critical time in our human existence. Our inner shadows are now reflected in the outer world. Many things will happen for us to bring our darkest shadows, our unhealthy programs, to the surface.

The warrior faces these shadows without fear. The warrior shines the light of loving awareness on the shadows and transforms them. The warrior chooses Love.

See every happening as an opportunity to upgrade your programming.

Be the warrior. Be Love.

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