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The Inner Voice

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Greetings beloveds,

Yesterday I concluded a three-part series in Embodied Voice Activation. This morning I sent out an email to the participants and I felt this information was vital to share with all. Here is the email:

Yesterday, we moved through several tools that help us to move into the space where we can listen and discern.  We can learn to recognize the voice of the ego, the voice of the mind, and the voice of our Higher Self (the Intuition).

1.  Chant Aum, or Om.  This is the primordial sound of the Universe.  Chanting Om is like calling up the Universe and dialing into that frequency.  It raises our vibration.  Remember, we often are existing at a "lower vibration".  Om is like speed dialing our Highest Self.  The silence that follows Om is where we can tune in to the Inner Voice.

2.  Tap into the Gut Brain.  The little brain in our heads is no match for our higher intelligence, which is connected to the gut.  Here is one of many articles on the second brain.  I would highly recommend some deep abdominal massage as well as colonics and other cleanses to help you clear so you can get in touch with this energetic space.  (I am trained in abdominal massage).

3.  Hum, Sigh, and Tone.  Turn on your parasympathetic (calming) nervous system, vibrate the water in your body, and send healing energy to your self.  This is very powerful medicine!

4.  Call on your animal spirits!  Use the Q'ero medicine wheel or any wheel that speaks to you.  Yesterday we all chose one word (heart, pain, open, quiet, and love were some of them) and moved from serpent to condor.  We all experienced deeply the transmutation of the energy of that word as we moved from earth to sky.

5.  Call on the elements!  Lie belly down on the earth like the snake.  Spend time in water and be fluid.  Ignite the fire in your gut and illuminate the inner voice.  Breathe air and spaciousness into your Be-ing.

6.  Stop saying "I'm sorry" so much.  Apologizing for everything keeps you in a lower vibration and actually creates resistance.  Instead, say "thank you for helping me to be more mindful."  If we have truly "wronged" someone, best to say "I humbly ask your forgiveness" rather than thinking we "owe" an apology.

7.  Shake, shake, and shake some more!  Shaking for 5-15 minutes a day is extraordinarily powerful medicine and it's easy to do.

8.  Spend time in quiet and stillness.  This is when we can hear the Inner Voice.  When we meditate and go into the higher vibration beyond the mind and the body, we tap into the Universal frequency and the Higher Self.  Meditation is where we Remember our Higher Self.  It's like plugging back into the higher frequency.

9.  Create healthy boundaries and resist the urge to rationalize or justify them.  Remember, the Inner Voice does not bargain, justify, apologize, compare, contrast, or think.  The Inner Voice is clear and concise and comes with a deep knowing.  The Higher Self feels, it does not think.

10.  Exhale!  We spend a lot of time holding our breath, which activates our sympathetic nervous system, which is already overwhelmed.  All of my enlightened teachers say the same thing..."the secret is in the pause between the exhale and the inhale." 

If you are struggling, find someone who can help you identify your blockages and the areas where you are resisting.  (Someone like me :) )  There are many different practitioners and we all work together to help bring healing.  Find someone who can help you find your Inner Guru.

It has been a deep honor and pleasure to spend time releasing, grounding, learning, and growing with all of you.

I hope this speaks to you. Much love!

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