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Solstice and the Grand Conjuction!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

For a long time now, we have experienced the Pain of Separation. Separation from Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the light of our Highest Selves. In this crucial time of metamorphosis, we have also experienced the pain of separation from one another. We have been told to be afraid of one another… to socially distance. Loved ones are dying alone, families are separated over the holidays, many are facing the deep shadows of isolation.

Today, we have the honor and privilege of being Alive on Earth at a pinnacle point in human history. We as the caterpillar have eaten all of the resources and are now cocooning in a pod of organized chaos. We are Transmuting. Nothing will ever be the same again. For some, that means experiencing the Pain of Change. For others, it means experiencing the Divine Flow.

Today, is the Grand Conjunction. Saturn, a planet which symbolizes Change through Suffering, conjuncts with Jupiter, the planet of Expansion. It’s happening on Solstice, the longest night of the year. It’s happening in the sign of Aquarius… spaciousness, expansiveness…. a breath of Fresh Air. Time for the Butterfly to spread its wings. Time for a paradigm shift.

For a long time, we have valued suffering as the path to enlightenment. Yes, suffering can be valuable, but we have become addicted to it. We revere it. We have become addicted to shadows. We have created a world in which, for many of us, suffering is the only way.

I am here to propose a new way of thinking… a radical new concept that has been spoken of by our wisdom keepers for thousands of years.

Love can also be a path to enlightenment. Laughter can be a path to enlightenment. Pleasure can be a path to enlightenment. Joy can be a path to enlightenment. Abundance can be a path to enlightenment.

When we begin to create this shift in our minds and anchor Condor vision into this timeline, we can begin to dream a new reality. One in which All Beings are Free… Sovereign Co-Creators of the Rainbow Frequency… the Love Frequency… the Now Frequency.

As we emerge from this cocoon and spread our wings, let’s Expand into Wholeness… into Beauty… into Love… into Truth. Let’s reconnect with our Mother Earth and Father Sun, with the light of our Highest Self… the Self that is Un-hurt and Un-broken. The Anahata… the Unstruck Chord… the Heart.

What is it that you dream for yourself? What is the highest vibration of your Self that you can imagine? What is the highest timeline for Earth and for Humanity that you can imagine?

Take some time today to cultivate that vision and Feel into that dream! What does it feel like to be free of shadows? Free from suffering? In complete Trust and Surrender and the deep Knowing that Pachamama has Got You. The Universe has Got You.

Today, we give birth to a new paradigm. Use this time wisely.

Fire Ceremony. Prayer. Ritual. Song. Dance. Laughter. Whatever it is that You do to Raise the Vibration… Do it today.

All are needed.

In deep reverence and love,

Jai Maa.

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