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Re-balancing in times of dis-ease (my response to Corona Virus)

We are the Creators. When we fall ill, it is our body's way of telling us that it's time to slow down, take rest....welcome the sacred pause and nourish and nurture ourselves. Ask for help. Allow.

As a whole, we have been sick for a long time. Out of balance. Do-ing, rather than Be-ing. We have been in a human "race".

Now is our time as a whole to stop and address this pandemic...the one that has existed for generations....the masculine out of balance.

We have been "Marching" for too long. It has created "Madness"...chaos within and without. So much Do-ing.Now is time for the Un-doing.

This comes at a pinnacle time in our cosmic existence. Trust it.

The blue herons have been nesting in my backyard. Blue heron reminds us to move into quiet contemplation. Nest for a little while.

Re-connect. Re-cess. Re-turn. Re-member.

Much love and Jai Maa!

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