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New Moon Musings

Greetings beloveds,

I wanted to share a story that happened earlier this week when I decided it was finally time to buy a new used minivan. I dread buying a car, because I don’t know much about cars and I’m not really good at it. I went on a whim to the first car I saw on Craigslist. It had all the bells and whistles for a great price. I was caught up in this good feeling of the great price I was getting and “felt” it was a good decision so I bought it. Shortly after, many things went wrong. It appeared the car might not even be drivable or would cost more to fix than it was worth.

I struggled with this potential financial loss, but beyond that, my struggle was really about trusting my intuition. I thought I was…but looking back, I see how I chose to ignore many warning signs because I was caught up in the moment and blinded by the pretty lights. It all happened really fast. I never took time to breathe or check in. I was not grounded in my good feeling.

Fortunately, I managed to maintain a certain level of equanimity through this experience. I stayed as positive as I could. I did not fall into the old stories of “this always happens to me” or “I always have bad car luck.” My teachers say that even when bad things happen, the important thing is how we feel through the experience. So, I kept a positive attitude, prayed, meditated, and envisioned everything working out.

Along the way, as it was a stressful situation, I allowed tears to move through so I could release stress. I did many loud audible sighs and moved the tension through my body. I got grounded.

Long story short, I was able to return the car and the next day, I was the first caller on another van. This time, I was grounded. I looked for the signs. First sign: The sellers names were “Goddess” and “Earnest.” Second sign: A white feather when I arrived at their home. (I ask the Universe for this sign to guide me in many situations). What followed was a perfect buying experience with a better car and I made new friends!

Sometimes, we get caught up in a “good feeling” and go with it. If we are not completely grounded and receiving the signs, these things can often end up going wrong. A good feeling isn’t enough if we are glossing over red flags or we are not grounded. If it’s all happening too fast or feels too good to be true, it probably is.

In order to trust our intuition, we must stop, be quiet, and listen. We must get grounded and look for the signs. This new moon time is the perfect time to slow down and go inward. Be a little more quiet and still. When we are in this natural flow with the moon, we are in the natural flow with the Universe.

Many new moon blessings and much love to all of you!!!

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