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New Moon in Libra

We create stories that validate our beliefs. Our beliefs are just thoughts we are told, or we tell ourselves, over and over again until we believe them. There is a big difference between a “belief” and a “knowing.” Beliefs are constructs of the mind. A knowing is a gut-feeling, an intuition…it comes from a much deeper place.

This new moon in Libra, which follows the fall equinox, is all about harmony. For some, it might be in external relationships. For me, it’s about “inner tuning”…staying quiet, going deep, and finding a greater harmony between my adult self and the inner child, between my thoughts, my beliefs, and my knowing.

In the spring, we began to sow something that we are now able to completely harvest. And again, we can plant our “root vegetables” and “heart-y greens” for what we would like to harvest in the spring. I have been feeling the need to get my hands in the dirt, to plant, to create…to sow something into the fabric of my being that I would like to take root and grow.

Some very old painful wounds came to light last spring. They showed themselves because I was about to encounter some amazing beings who took me on a journey to complete healing. These wounds didn’t just heal, they dissolved until there were not even scars. I remembered and re-identified in a much more profound way with the pure and eternal “I AM”….the consciousness and Be-ing-ness that has always been perfect and whole.

This new moon cycle involved the discovery of a deeper layer of patterns. Though I give them little to no energy, and there is little to no emotion that arises from them, they are still there, showing themselves so they can be transmuted. They are telling me “you have done the work and it’s time to write a new story.”

As many of us experience a shift in the weather, we may find a new spring in our step and a new outlook on life. We may find it’s time to finally release the old stories and patterns and start with a blank canvas, or a freshly prepared garden bed. We can begin to visualize and feel the whole, perfectly balanced, harmonious Be-ing we know lives inside us and bring it to light…maybe with writing, drawing, or even singing our heart’s song, our “inner tune.”

I encourage you to find at least a few moments to step into this and to commune with your inner tune. Maybe find a song circle or group meditation, or conduct your own ritual, to harness the power of this new moon. May the seeds you plant now take deep root and ground you in your knowing.

Much love and Jai Maa!!!!!

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