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Let's stop fighting and battling...

“Battling” depression. “Fighting” cancer. And now... “Beating” COVID-19. Do we hear ourselves????

Darwin told us it was about “survival.” Only the strongest survive. Thus, the human “race”.

Deep in the throes of depression and grief, I learned the only way through was to embrace it. To love it. To ask it…what do you have to show me, to teach me? It was the invitation to go inward. To find the stillness. To stop doing and start Allowing. To stop fighting and start Feeling. To stop directing and start Listening.

Alfred Russel Wallace, a commoner and the original theorist on evolution, spoke of “elimination of the unfit.” Darwin, of the upper class, changed it to “survival of the fittest.” Wallace’s words aren’t the softest either, but it’s a lot easier to stay out of the smallest category of the “unfit” than it is to fight to be in the elite category of the “fittest”.

It's not a competition. Nobody wins unless we all win.

I see the fear creeping in now everywhere. Fear is used to control. So many of us feed off of fear because we were never shown where to find better food. Fear keeps us in separation, from each other and from the part of our Self that feels, intuits, and knows how to access the deep Wisdom. Don’t allow fear to control you. Don’t allow the illusion of fear and separateness to drive you to "fight", "battle", and "beat" something that is just here to show you, guide you, and teach you. Embrace it.

When we learn to see illness, disease, and darkness as our allies... our teachers... we open up to true healing.

If you are feeling fear, stop for a minute. Stop whatever you are doing. Take some breaths. Ground. Earth. Get centered in your heart space. Listen deeply to your inner Wisdom. Ask fear what it has to teach you.

Abundance is infinite. Love is infinite. All healing is possible. But we must listen, allow, and be still if we want to receive.

If you can’t find anyone to help you return to Love, send me a message. I am here for you.

All love. Jai Maa.

Written on April 1, 2020

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