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Know Your Worth

It's a Full Moon....may we all come into our Fullness and Know our Worth!

I used to “give my work away,” meaning, I undervalued what I do. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what I do is very special and unique and powerful, it’s that I allowed other people to convince me that I was charging “too much.” Unfortunately, I see this a lot, especially with women, as I move through the world. Women still typically will charge less for the same services that men offer, and unfortunately, women are still usually the clients who come to me who tell me my work isn’t “affordable.”

“Affordable” and “too much” are relative terms, of course, depending on who you are talking to. I will still work try to work with anyone I see is really committed to transformation, and I listen to my Inner Voice and allow that to guide me. I also know that deep inside, I have resented clients who paid me less than my worth even when I agreed to it, because the energy we exchanged left me with less than what I started with.

Energy. Frequency. Vibration. Over and over we come to these terms as the basis for all of Life. Everything is energy. We are constantly exchanging energy with other beings, whether it be a light conversation at the grocery check-out line, or for services like healing work. Some exchanges leave us feeling light and full, while others leave us feeling as if we have lost a little something. What happened?

We lost energy. And often, this is a subtle loss that we feel only if we are tuned in to that dynamic. When we lose energy to another being, on a deep subtle level, we will feel resentment. This resentment is often insidious and builds so slowly that we only know we are increasingly frustrated, irritated, or angry. We may even direct negative thoughts at this person while not knowing why we are doing so.

This resentment can even build when we have “agreed” to an energy exchange that leaves us less full, or more empty. Often, especially if we have the hero or martyr archetype at large, we can fool ourselves into thinking that putting others first when we are less than full somehow grants us the key to heaven. It doesn’t. That’s a story that somebody made up a long time ago so they could steal energy.

In the work, we do here, I help you to remember your worth and to reset and restore so you can feel full. Then, it is up to you to get out in the world and maintain that balance with self-nourishing activities and wise choices regarding energy exchange.

When I receive a client for a session, they are experiencing something that has taken me a lifetime to develop, not to mention a ton of energy…two university degrees, half a Master’s degree, almost twenty years working in acute hospital settings in my nurse shoes, traveling the world to study with the wisdom keepers and true healers of our planet, not to mention the intense practices of deep personal clearing and temple ritual in my healing space I must do constantly to stay clear so I can help others. Sacred scheduling, follow-ups, and laundry alone are a full-time job in the healing business!

I am constantly developing myself, taking new courses, writing blogs…it goes on and on. The point of this is, that it took a while, but I now know my worth. I know what I offer is rare and unique and far more powerful than a 90 minute “massage” or a spa treatment.

When I started knowing my worth, I also discovered that part of knowing your worth is not having to justify it to others. When we justify our worth to others, we lose power and energy! I no longer take time to explain, to those who question it, why my work is so special. I just know that accepting anything less than my worth, or expending a lot of energy explaining my worth, will not benefit anyone. I just know those who know their worth and those who are ready to do this work will understand the investment they make here will come back exponentially as they start to feel better and remove blocks to their own abundance.

I hope to empower all of you who come for a session or who read this to know your worth. Know when you come here, or do anything for your self-nourishment, you are making an investment in You, your health, your optimal well-being, and your capacity to experience more joy and pleasure in life. Remove the blockages and unlock those chains that have been binding you and holding you back from experiencing the highest and brightest vibration you can be!

I visualize a world where we all know our worth and we willingly share our energy with others because we are tapped in to the infinite flow of abundance. Remember, you are not just “enough”, you are “plenty.” You are a reflection of the Divine Universal Energy which is infinite abundance!

If your mind is "the boss of you" and you believe everything you think, you may often try to talk yourself out of doing something that will help you to shine your brightest light. Mind thoughts often keep us in a lower vibrational loop. Ask the Universe (more on this later), answer to your Highest Self, stop giving your energy away, and be Self-ish….fill your cup.

Happy full moon!

With great love,


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