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I had a dream in which this message came... "I am entangled with the strings of the Universe. I play my own unique tune, and I am in complete harmony with the All-That-Is."

Yesterday while in the yard, I felt inspired to pluck these fading blossoms and make this Earth offering.

In this the Autumn of my life, I am the Enchantress. I enrich the world with my Wisdom, my Beauty, and my Song. I encircle this world and all of humanity with my Love.

My Beauty has not faded... I am Wild and in my Fullness. I have more to offer today than ever before. I am closer to the Mother with every passing day.

Enchanted, Enriched, and Encircled.

I am chanted from within. I am rich from within. I am circled from within. Charmed, Imbued, and Surrounded with the light of my own Being-ness.

Wholeness and Perfection are my natural state.

Jai Maa. Jai Maa. Jai Maa.

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