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All Healing is Possible

ALL HEALING IS POSSIBLE... even "Arthritis"

Sooo... over the last year, I have experienced decreased grip strength, pain, and inflammation in my right hand, especially my right middle finger. It was difficult to fully close my hand and it was becoming difficult to work with my clients. It was difficult to open jars. Medical science told me it was arthritis.. and that there is 'no cure'... only treatment, specifically with NSAIDS.

Knowing what I know, I didn't believe this for a second. I felt intuitively this pain was due to stored lower density emotions, specifically anger, and old programming.

The hand... which holds... needed to LET GO. It was tired of making Internal Fists of Anger.

Here's what I did:

I REFUSED TO BELIEVE... I didn't give the notion that arthritis is incurable a second's thought. Instead, I tapped more deeply into that pain and started to LISTEN.

I REFUSED TO WORRY... worrying is praying for what I don't want. Instead, I visualized daily my hand being filled with golden light, fully functional, and free of pain.

I FASTED... a few 24 hour fasts and one zero-calorie three day fast.

I LET GO... I allowed old stories and thought loops to guide me to the places in my body that were ready to re-program and transform. I did this through my own intuitive method of re-patterning, shamanic journeying, writing, dream journaling, recalling soul fragments, and taking my power back.

I LOVED... I sent lots of love to my hand. I lovingly massaged it several times a day. I got two chiropractic treatments to take care of any entrapment issues. I bathed my hand in positive affirmations and loving thoughts.

I ALLOWED... my Body's Wisdom and Inner Healer to guide me.

I have noticed in the last month, my hand is almost completely back to normal. When I wake up, I can make a fist without any pain or difficulty. My hand feels like it is smiling. It's regaining strength.

Physical ailments generally have some sort of energetic component. In my practice, we work on both. Distance healing sessions are super powerful, and my clients are having amazing results with Zoom sessions. If you feel it is time to clear some old programs, belief systems, or emotions that are keeping you from your most vital and pleasure-powered self, I am here for you.

All beings free.

Jai Maa!

This post was originally posted in July 2020. I am now

happy to report my hand is 100% healed!

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