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11/11 portal

I wrote this last year, and it still applies...

11/11 portal!!!

The magnification of the One... the Ascension Gateway. Time to open up to receive the new activation codes for our Divine Soul blueprint.

Time to Make a Wish.

Today I reflect on how I will further immerse into the One-ness. How will I illuminate and embrace my shadows and return to Wholeness? How will I reflect and magnify Beauty?

Sing to the trees. Stand with my bare feet in the Earth. Tap into sacred breath exchange with the plants. Make offerings to the Fire and Water. Talk to the birds. Take a good long look into my own eyes and ask my Highest Self to be revealed.... anchoring that Self into my divine human body.

Most importantly, I will Imagine. I will Daydream. I will create the New Earth Frequency in my mind and heart and Feel into that vibration.

I will visualize our world in perfect Balance. Our Waters so clean we can drink from them. Our Air so clear we can breathe freely. Our Soil so enriched that our food resonates at the highest vibration. All animals have plenty of safe places to roam and flourish. Our forests are fully restored.

Humans will have returned to the core value of Sacred Reciprocity. It will no longer be "What can I take?"... it will always be "How can I give back?"

Mother Earth will be deeply nourished with our Love and Appreciation. We will live in Peace and Harmony.

We can't do it until we can dream it... so Dream It!.

Take some time to imagine every cell in your body lighting up with crystalline rainbow prisms. Take some time to touch the Earth. Take some time to Imagine and Feel into the highest possible vibration and Create that New Earth frequency within.

Together we will Rise.

All One. All Beings Free.

Jai Maa!

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