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I had a dream in which this message came... "I am entangled with the strings of the Universe. I play my own unique tune, and I am in complete harmony with the All-That-Is." Yesterday while in the yard, I felt inspired to pluck these fading blossoms and make this Earth offering. In this the Autumn of my life, I am the Enchantress. I enrich the world with my Wisdom, my Beauty, and my Song. I encircle this world and all of humanity with my Love. My Beauty has not faded... I am W

How does it feel?

How does it feel? You’ll hear me ask this a lot now, and since I’ve last written a blog (about three years ago), I have moved from doing to feeling. My main teacher at this moment is a woman called Little Grandmother. She says that feeling is the language of our Higher Self. Feeling is directly related to our Intuition, which is the direct voice of the Higher Self. “I don’t know how I know, I just know.” “It’s a gut feeling.” We often have a direct knowing about something, an

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